It's a very very mad world
Wednesday, January 16, 2013 ( 6:46 pm )

I don't know where to start.
I just feel absolutely upset, and sad. As if breaking down in tears would be the best thing to do. But it's not.
It's just... Man. I would just really like to let out a heavy sigh right now. What has become of this world? What has become of this country?
Discrimination everywhere, hate talk, racism, arrogance, ignorance, and so on.
It's a mess! Like someone just splashed paint on the wall instead of using an actual brush and painting it nicely. As if there were different coloured paint splashed on to the walls. Perhaps to some there might be an artistic value, but to some its just not nice to see at all.
I hate it. I hate all the ugly comments going around the social networking sites. I hate all the racism and the pessimism in Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. And the hypocrites just make things worse. For themselves. And for whatever image they represent. And all you keyboard warriors, why don't you use all that energy to actually fight in an actual war, or even better, fight for the right of the Palestinians instead? Would not that be more beneficial? I would really like to see that happen.
But you know what, I'm done hating. Hate's not good for me. It's unhealthy. It does me no good. So why bother. Because people won't change in an instant. People won't care if they don't want to care.
I hope for only one thing. I hope all of these awful incidents that has gone viral on the net lately has become an eye opener to all. Open your eyes. Know what we should change. Know what qualities that we should avoid and should have. Know how we should go about voicing out our thoughts in the appropriate ways and how we should gain respect.
It's a scary world out there. But there is so much beauty. Maintain that beauty shall we? May Allah bless us all.
I'm gonna go now. And leave you with this song. Bye.

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