Berangkat ke medan perang
Monday, August 31, 2009 ( 11:14 pm )

Did my study group. Doing as much exercises as possible. Studied as hard and as smart as I could. Remembering what some dude told me, "hope for the best, prepare for the worst", which is something inapplicable in life actually(I mean, no one is that perfect), but what the heck. Bought my all my exam gear. Hmm. Did I leave anything out?
Do you think I'm ready ya Allah?
I hope so.
Never mind.
I've done my part and now I'll leave it all up to you.

Dengan ini saya berangkat ke medan perang, with only pencils, pens, an eraser, a ruler and a scientific calculator. I'll be fighting this war with my fellow friends. Wishing the best for them and for me too. But no worries, if I find the going tough, that's good. It means I'm fighting back. Hoping that everything will be alright once again.

til we meet again.

I'm a survivor!
Wednesday, August 26, 2009 ( 5:36 pm )

Destiny's Child's Survivor is playin on repeat inside my head. Actually, just the lines, "I'm a survivor.." cz I don't know the rest of the lyrics. Oh well. I still sailing the hardship of life. I'm still surviving. The house has turned upside down but I'm glad I managed to turn it the right way round again.I don't know how long I can hold it though, I ain't no Hercules. Pfft. I hope things don't become like another "setiawangsa"(kak yaya would know what I mean). Yikes. And if it's hard for me, it's even harder for Ibu. So in order for Ibu to survive as well, I have to pull myself together, slap myself a few times to keep me awake and sail that ship! If I survive, she survives. She survives, we all survive. Yeeeaaaahhh!

There's always one place where we all can turn to at times like these. If there's an ice berg ahead, turn the ship around. Turn to Allah. And actually, we should be turning to Him all the time. If your ship is sinking, hang on! Just remember to wear that life jacket. DON'T PANIC! You'd know what you've gotta do when the thought comes to mind.

I understand that a lot of people wouldn't want to take the risk to go back. Even the happiest times happened in the past, but what about those terrible times? Why on earth would we want to experience it again, right? I mean, what if we make the same mistakes all over again? What if we just can change things in time? Just so you know, I know a lot of people who are like this, even the ones I love are like this, even me. Except that I am a risk taker. And I believe that, no one can go back and start a new beginning. But anyone can start now and make a new ending.
Ever thought of it that way before?
Think about it.

Take me with you to a deeper conversation
Thursday, August 13, 2009 ( 9:41 pm )

Yuna's Deeper Conversation asked:
Is your favourite colour blue?
Do you always tell the truth?

Secondhand Serenade's Take Me With You said:
And the beauty is my favorite colour's blue,
And I like to sing in the shower,
If you like I'll sing to you.

Yuna's Deeper Conversation asked:
And if you dont mind
Can you tell me
All your hopes and fears
and everything that you believe in?

Secondhand Serenade's Take Me With You said:
I don't have anything to hide,
I don't have anything everything is not for certain.
Tell me all of your hopes,
All of your dreams,
I want you to take me there.

Yuna's Deeper Conversation said:
Id love for you to take me to a deeper conversation
Only you can make me.

Secondhand Serenade's Take Me With You said:
I want you to know I'll be there (know I'll be there),
Let just one more thing,
One request,
I want you to take me with you.

Yuna's Deeper Conversation said:
Did someone took a portion of your heart?
And im learning you
I let my guard down for you
And in time you will too.

Just Quote Me
Friday, August 07, 2009 ( 4:25 pm )

"I know. People won't always get what they want in life. But it would hurt not to try."

-A line from the movie, Punchline

Dear God
Sunday, August 02, 2009 ( 12:46 pm )

Ya Allah! They are soooo cute! Kenapa?! Haha.

I gotta teach Farish and Nadine. :DD

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