Telatah seorang kakak
Saturday, March 28, 2009 ( 12:27 am )

Hey I'm posting twice tonight! Anas dah lentok. So blogger bare with me here. LOL.

Later that evening
Chemistry Tuition.
Status and mood: Sleepy

As I was ABOUT to doze off, this woke me up.
"(incoming call) Kak Yaya"
Ofcourse, I didn't answer, since I was having my tuition class.

*via text message*
Me: What's up? Have 2tion now.
Kak Yaya: Nak maggie..

Awwhh. You poor thing, sistah. ;)

Ok. DEFINITELY going to bed now. Goodnight world :]
p/s: Don't forget to switch the lights off at 8.30pm tomorrow! And no candles too! As they let out some creepy type of gas(overexaggerating). Hang on tight!

Telatah rakyat jelata
Friday, March 27, 2009 ( 11:13 pm )

Two periods after recess = two periods before school ends = two periods of sejarah with Pn. Illhiana = 80 minutes of POP QUIZZIES!

Ahh, a sejarah pop quiz. Brilliant. Just what I need after eating I don't know how many pieces of nuggets with thai chilli sauce. :) Every single rakyat jelata of 5 Nilam had to stand up and was only allowed seated when the rakyat jelata has answered a question correctly. And so one of this rakyat jelata of 5 Nilam who happens to be a good friend of mine answered logically to Pn. Ihlliana's question.

Teacher: Bagaimanakah hendak membezakan bangsa di Eropah?
Friend : Warna Kulit!

ERKK! Wrong.
Aduhaii. hahaha

Just Quote Me
Tuesday, March 24, 2009 ( 6:40 pm )

"I don't want to be a supermodel. I want to be a role model."

-Queen Latifah

listen up yaw
Sunday, March 22, 2009 ( 10:17 am )

HAH! Yes! I have finally found a way to own a polaroid camera. The Big One called last night and I asked him whether they sell polaroid cams in Korea. Then I asked him to check out the price so I can save up to own the one I've craved so longggg :] It's so darn difficult to find one in Malaysia. *sweat

I had add maths tuition with Mr.Tan yesterday. He shared with us a little info, so I thought, why not I share it with you lot as well?

So this is what he said:

In a few more thousand million trillion years to come, studies said that we will have heads like these:

eyes like this little fellow:

arms extending in length like Sonic here:

..and we become shorter:

Overall, we'd look somethin like this:

Fascinating eyy?

what a friend!
Thursday, March 19, 2009 ( 11:10 am )

Never has it ever crossed my mind that such a friend would use a friend for his/her own importance. Such betrayal is probably felt by the used friend. Don't you think? Or am I wrong? But, how could I possibly??

It is indeed pathetic to take a person for granted, a friend especially. It is an absolute disgrace to be selfish at times like these, at times your friend is in an unstable condition, worrying about a heck lot of things, in a most difficult situation you probably have never experienced(I recommend you lot out there to be most thankful you're not in it). Sure, you'll get your benefits. But I assure you it doesn't benefit the used, the one taken for granted. It hurts. It DEFINITELY hurts.

Certain people just seem to want more and more and more, even once they've been given as much as they could have. But couldn't a little appreciation do the job? Couldn't just a little give satisfaction? Has it not ever crossed your mind to think of others for once?

Who's to blame? The chances have been given. Us humans just don't know when to take them sometimes. Us humans just want them when they've not been given. But then again, we are JUST humans. We are NOT perfect. We DO get carried away by the lust of life. Unfortunately, fact is that we are not forever.

I am ending this post, with nothing but anger.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 ( 5:52 pm )

I'm just one person.
I give a damn. You should to.

Sunday, March 15, 2009 ( 2:31 pm )

When everything goes wrong, you doodle.
When everything gets boring, you doodle.
When you don't understand crap, you doodle.
When you have time, you doodle.
You doodle this. You doodle that.

No, I'm not madly in love with myself, YET. LOL. I have been doodling to fill in spare time because I am missing a lot of people and can't meet the lot of people I miss. I have to sit at home. I can't go back "home". It surely sucks not being able to see someone you've waited to see for such a long long long time. It sucks getting excited for nothing. It sucks watching others get excited and get what they want. It sucks being used for others excitement. It sucks when everyone is everywhere and you're just you and you alone.
Man, a lot of stuff suck.

Hear me out: I wish to own a strength I've never own. A strength to help me move and fight for me and me alone. I wish to own all the patience in the world. I wish to hold the will of crying and show how brave I can be. But I dare not greed. I am no hypocrite. I am unperfect. Dear God, what must I do?

just quote me
Monday, March 02, 2009 ( 10:00 pm )

"Don't tell God you have a big problem.
Tell your problem you have a big God."


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