REGRET: A delayed reaction
Saturday, October 23, 2010 ( 10:32 pm )

There is this word I dislike, that has brought many confusion to the world. REGRETS. I hate regrets. But I myself regret sometimes. But I don't understand why regrets come abit later when they should. You haven't a clue of how disturbing it is until you felt it yourself. When one disguises himself with a mask of fun and laughter, behind he is in fear and full of regret. How much hurt he's probably caused, how much stupidity he had and how much disrespect he's done. I don't ask much from the Master. I don't ask much from anyone. All I want is all I need, and that is all that I will get. Why ignore me, disrespect me, hurt me and put me in so much anger and pain? Why put as all in anger, hurt and pain? All you have to do is love me, remember me, my birthday, my name. Although you have much to do, can't you atleast become what you should become? Guilt is secretly holding me back. But to think about it again, I liked it when you cared for me, because it was the rarest thing to witness in life. 6th of October, I came to this world and forever you will be who you are to me.

Forgive me, for I am born this way; soft-hearted like a pillow full of cotton-white marshmallows, overdosed with love above the limit until the pons translate it as stupidity, sensitive like a baby's skin. Please don't get me wrong, this post is for nobody. It is for you, who feels like they are 'me', in general have felt what I have felt, or who has or had been 'you'. It is true, that regret is a sort of delayed reaction in the human mind. At the beginning, they are blinded by their ego. The next, they feel bad about it and then came along regret.

'Forgive and forget' is the hardest thing for me to do. As I sometimes like the sensation of anger towards a person, who deserves all the hate and must regret. But sometimes, I prefer 'get over it and move on'. In some ways it's easier, better and more efficient. Trust me, it never fails. But it entirely depends on the individual ofcourse.

Like I said, this post is for no one, no specific being of God. Just for the fun of it, since I feel like talking about, so I should write about it before it goes away and this blog gets boring(hehehe). I am not here to judge, to comment or to say anything about anyone. I am here to voice out.

When all things fall apart, you feel everything is so wrong. THINK AGAIN. People like YOU deserve THE BEST life has to offer. I say this to everyone, and to myself. As I have the best in my life already, what more could I ask for? :)

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