Thursday, February 28, 2008 ( 8:02 pm )

its been a long time since i blogged about something in my life. well, i have been busy. sports day. argh, makes me tired, my leg is aching really really REALLY bad. ya know, sometimes i dont understand why the best people dont deserve the best. and the not best people should ALWAYS get the best. i dont get it why the not best wont come to an understanding level with the best. im sure ure clueless about whatever shit im writing, but the clueless, THE BETTER (LOL). if i was the head of planet earth, i would want these "cant get over theyre past and dont want to move on therefore move on fakely and ruin other peoples lives" species of the world. i'd also open up special schools for special people of those who have maturity thinking problems or heartbreaking disorder. and then the world would be living in peace, with fresh green grass, and clear blue water, and women would give birth to a celup child because the mummy's celup too. and we, the "good" people, wouldnt have to worry about alot of things and can relax all day long. but if everyone was that perfect, then we wouldntve been born. agree? ;]

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