with Me, Myself and I
Monday, June 29, 2009 ( 6:54 pm )

Just so you know, I haven't gone lunatic, so please do not call the authorities. Gracias

Me : Hi, Sya! How's life treating you so far?
Myself : Oh jolly good jolly good. How about you, Sya?
I : Funny you asked. Things couldn't get more interesting. Seriously.
Me : Are you being sarcastic?
I : Indeed I am.
Myself : Lemme guess, somewhere along the journey of your life, you felt invisible(Not easily noticed or detected; inconspicuous).
Me : ..because of the ignorance of that particular person.
I : That is sooo right.
Myself : If only *It knew how hurt and small we feel.
Me : If only *It knew how patient we've been all this while.
I : If only *It realized what *It has done..
Me, Myself and I : How pathetic are we? Wait. No no, *It is pathetic.

*It may refer to any form of selfish jackass. :)


What a night
Sunday, June 21, 2009 ( 12:32 pm )

Just posting a little hint of what happened that night. And I'm sure you can tell whether I enjoyed myself or not. ;)

*Happy Father's Day, Bapak!

Thursday, June 18, 2009 ( 6:15 pm )

Most used phrase : SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE.
Most used words : Dush and Wuss
(I got that from Friends. Teehee)

Im sorry. Bad intro.

Yesterday, as I was walking out of school, this plate number of a car caught my eye. It was a blue proton satria. It was the exact car my family used to own when we were in Setiawangsa. I think it stayed with us the longest. But unfortunately it got sick and Ibu decided to sell it, so some dude in Penang owns it now. In my head I thought, "eh, is kak yaya here to pick me up?". But no no no, its not my car anymore. I actually felt like crying. But I just had to resist those tears so that my friends won't notice. Ya know.. Looking at that car brings back all sorts of memories. Good and bad. SIGH. It's just a small car. But we all loved it. It went everywhere! It really did ;)

I tried looking for a photo of it in my computer, sadly I can't share it with you 'cause I couldn't find anything. But instead, I found this:

*That's me bakin' a cake :D


I doubt you can spot me. I really miss those times. I definitely won't ever forget. As a matter of fact, that year was one heck of a year!

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I went to this TransAir talk. It's more like a 'if you wanna be a pilot then listen up to this' kind of talk. I don't really want to be a pilot, or a flight attendant or whatsoever, I just didn't want to go to PJ class. :D Did you know, if you're fit to be a pilot but you wear gigi palsu then you can't fly the plane? And who knows if you become a flight attendant, you actually get to marry an Agung! :P

Well, I just really wanted to share about the car. Ok that is all. Toodles

*oh yeah, all the best to SGGS Band tomorrow! Goodluck Atik ;) Oh plus, I hope Abg Hakim will come to Penang when he comes back!

too skinny. not pretty?
Tuesday, June 02, 2009 ( 9:44 pm )

When I look in the mirror, I kinda hope I see someone pretty. Pretty is fine, I don't expect beautiful, hot or gorgeous or whatsoever. I don't see what others see in me. I have doubts about my looks. That's bad. Rrreealll bad. But, fact is, I just don't see it. I feel like a stick. They say I've got nothing like theirs in front and I definitely don't have anything behind. And it just struck me. Am I not pretty? I have pimples on my forehead, but yeah you can say that's normal. But I get rashes on my face and it's all related to asthma and the hot sun plus my emotions. It sucks so bad. I'm not anorexic but I'm too skinny they say. I google this stuff and I get, "I fucking hate skinny bitches!". Err.. Ouch. I can even be a coward sometimes but I guess that goes with my shyness. Damn it Sya, you have to learn! I have a smartass boyfriend and he is studying right now, and I mean right this second. As in, having a date with revision books during Mid Year break. Rasa sangat tergugat. But what the heck, I love myself. I am my own bestfriend. So, in favour of being mature as possible, I found this on the net:

You Don't Have to Be Pretty. You don't owe prettiness to anyone. Not to your boyfriend/spouse/partner, not to your co-workers, especially not to random men on the street. You don't owe it to your mother, you don't owe it to your children, you don't owe it to civilization in general. Prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked "female".

I'm not saying that you SHOULDN'T be pretty if you want to. (You don't owe UN-prettiness to feminism, in other words.) Pretty is pleasant, and fun, and satisfying, and makes people smile, often even at you. But in the hierarchy of importance, pretty stands several rungs down from happy, is way below healthy, and if done as a penance, or an obligation, can be so far away from independent that you may have to squint really hard to see it in the haze.

But what does you-don't-have-to-be-pretty mean in practical, everyday terms? It means that you don't have to apologize for wearing things that are held to be "unflattering" or "unfashionable" -- especially if, in fact, they make you happy on some level deeper than just being pretty does. So what if your favorite color isn't a "good" color on you? So what if you are "too fat" (by some arbitrary measure) for a sleeveless top? If you are clean, are covered enough to avoid a citation for public indecency, and have bandaged any open wounds, you can wear any color or style you please, if it makes you happy.

..and this :
Beauty or being pretty is a thing of mind. There are some essential features of your body that point to that direction. Beauty is not only about your face or your shape or figure. It includes your brain, how brave, brilliant and bold you are. You will be called anything that you are calling yourself. There are millions of people who will look at you and appreciate you especially when you possess any of the following 6Bs of a real LADY:


Examine yourself very well using all these Bs. If you have any of the 6Bs above, then you have the last B, which is Beauty.

I hope this helps me. But I don't feel a single thing. I hope I will someday. I don't want to be perfect, I just want to feel good. Help? :(

Another Betrayal
Monday, June 01, 2009 ( 5:09 pm )

Upset. Angry. Betrayed.
That is what we feel when SOMEONE betrays us SOMEHOW. We'll certainly feel shittier when a certain FRIEND(alaa, you know that person you trust the most? Yeah, that one) betrays us in a certain MANNER that is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE.

Everyone gets tired of it. That includes me. Having a friend, who happens to betrayed you once already, betrayed you again. So what the heck is that second chance for? Do you, yes you right there, have any idea how unlucky this "friend" of mine is? She-who-must-not-be-named is an unshameful, reckless and self-centred, rich-pampered, good-for-nothing, pretty and has it all child(resisting to say B****). I have no clue whatsoever on what I've done SO WRONG to deserve this. It pretty much breaks my heart to receive that kind of treatment from a person who I certainly trusted and do all sorts of stuff with. I guess I have made the wrong move. What do you think?

To those or even you who've felt this kind of feeling, never let it get to you, just let it go. You are absolutely better off with that kind of friend.
To those or even you who've betrayed a friend and have thought about nothing but hot hunks(that is, if you are a girl of course. Just turn it the other way round!), looks, cash and yourself, then I beg you, atleast have the courtesy to DO THE RIGHT THING.
And to those or even you who've experience neither, then be careful with your friends, be careful with yourself and have a good life.

Ya know, I am not Dumbo. Dumbo is an elephant. I'm definitely not an elephant. I'm mature enough to tell which of my friends are really a friend and which aren't. Don't ever underestimate me, and don't ever take me for granted. I'm just a teenage girl with feelings, and these feelings can take me over. And it can do the same to you.

*I'll end this post with a heart broken by a friend. Til we meet again.

Ohh Ibu
( 9:51 am )

Just about a week ago..

Ibu : Ibu ada beli kismis tu. Dah beli jangan tak makan pulak.
Me : Yeah, I know. I've finished it already.
Ibu : Oh, patut lah muka cerdik.

A few days back..

Ibu : Ibu beli kismis haritu. Jangan lupa makan.
Me : Yeah, I know. I've finished it already.
Ibu : Oh really? Oh patut lah muka cerdik jea.
Me : (giggle)Err..I thought you've asked me that already?
Ibu : Oh, yes? Ohh.. (laughs)
Me : I thought I just had Deja Vu. HAHA

Poor Ibu. Looks like someone needs to eat kismis too! :p

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