dream catch me when I fall
Thursday, June 12, 2008 ( 8:48 pm )

Dream catch me when I fall.. out of bed.
Hows that for an intro? hehe
Ibu was away for a few days, so I had to go to school by the school bus. And sadly the school bus picks us up at 5.30 AM (us as in me, awin and her brother). So I had to wake up at 4.30 am for two days. Thank goodness my mum is now back at home. Now I can go to school as always.. LATE ! :D such as the saying in my class, better late. (4T kids will understand what I'm talking about) ;)

had a really tough week. trying really hard to make things better. i'm really sorry if ive offended any of you, and that would be the least thing i want to do. i dont have the guts to face any of you, as i am a big fat coward. hope any of you do read this, I'M SORRY and thanks for being patient with my silly atitude.

I don't feel like giving a title
Saturday, June 07, 2008 ( 9:13 pm )

Had a family meeting today. So I had a little kenduri at my place. Woke up really early to help mum out(mum didn't really cook.it was me and kakak all along.LOL). I made gelatin, I must say it was very delicious. :) Took a family photo. And now, my family officially has its own koperasi. yeay ! Invited a few friends of mine but they couldn't come. AS EXPECTED. You know, sometimes I wish that this world would be much larger. Cz it's getting smaller and now everyone knows everyone. except me. That fact really annoys me. And i'm dealing with it.

dearest brother
Friday, June 06, 2008 ( 10:39 pm )

dearest brother(currently in korea),
i wish u happy birthday. miss you loads. hope i have enough money to come visit you soon !
losta love,
little one. :)

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