Say You'll Stay
Friday, April 29, 2011 ( 12:18 am )

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting.. R5. Another siblings-based band. Wooptidoo! I'd say.. Jonas Brothers-ish(whatever happened to them anyway ehh?) but far more adorable. Possibly, the new rock and roll version of The Moffats?

*hint* Goodlookin' guy with the striped tie, a definite Warbler named Jeff from The Dalton Academy(Glee). :D

Clueless, not stupid
Wednesday, April 27, 2011 ( 11:49 pm )

I remember a time when I would just tap tap tap away on this keyboard, blindly look at typo errors. The feelings, the words in my head, flowed continuously out of my fingers, on the the keyboard and posted to this blog. It seemed simple, but what I had to say were never simple words. When I first started this blog, I didn't know what crap to write. No one ever taught me how to use a blog, what its actually for bla bla bla. Just saw both my sister and my brother busy blogging away in the middle of the night, noon, early in the morning; u name it. Out of curiosity, I started my own blog, and gave it a very cliche name, The Real Life. I was 14 and didn't really met with my creative-naming yet. But it's still The Real Life now even though I felt like changing to all sorts of crappy, so called "artistic" names. I want it to remain as The Real Life, because I have nothing to hide from it. It will always be The Real Life, full of honesty, no lies. And to be honest, lately I've been having difficulties with what I want to write. I have so much feelings bottled up inside, they're all interacting with each other and forming bonds that are simply hard to break. Everyday something new happens. Good or bad, it happens. How much does this affect you? You decide.

Constantly, I am feeling confused and clueless. Nevertheless, I am not stupid. I think its time to say, to be continued.

sometimes, a hug is all what we need
( 11:31 pm )

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