Change: The good, the bad, the ugly
Friday, February 04, 2011 ( 6:37 pm )

Things tend to change from time to time. Firstly, your face. Have you noticed a slight difference in how you look now compared to how you look like in 2000? Secondly, have you noticed how you talk to people? Either your more confident now, or your still just another shy cat. Everything changes and nothing stays permanent. No matter how hard you try to preserve it. Like an old building. It wasn't old when it was first opened now was it? It's just a matter of how you preserve it. How you try to keep the originality of things, how you keep being you when you have to make a change. Change is compulsory in life. No matter how hard you control it, there are just some things that are not in your hands to handle.

I've changed. I started to wear a hijab a few years back. I'm better at things I was hardly capable of when I was younger. I've met new people. I do my own laundry, and as a matter of fact I'm doing mum's as well. Well that's a pat on the back. :)

But that's normal and good change. What about bad change? The change you hate? The change the people you love go through? The change the world is going through? The change you never thought you would go through? How'd you handle that?

Sometimes it's just age. You grow up. You want things you never knew you wanted, and the next thing you know you don't even want it anymore. 10 years later you have a conversation about it with your friends, it makes you think and then you begin to laugh about it OR regret you threw it away.

It's not just things. It's friends. Family. Loved ones. All of em. Books. Old toys. Birthday cards. Cash. I dunno, you fill in the blank yourself as I have my own to fill.

It seems difficult to go through change. You keep seeing others ridiculously changing and you think as if you are just a victim of watching that change. Sadly we can only look at ourselves in the mirror. It'd be nice if we had a mirror reflecting the image of ourselves by our sides as we grew up all the time. That way we could notice to good or the bad change we're undergoing. Sadly that's just a mere dream. The real life is not a fantasy. And we have to open our eyes and keep an eye on ourselves too.
Change must not be hated. Nor forced to love. But live it and accept it. Improve it as much as possible. Make the bad into good. Make the ugly into beautiful. As we never know what lies ahead of us. Nor do we know what the benefit of change is.

Forgive me if I have defined change wrongly. Anyhow, this is how I see it. Share your thoughts.
And keep smiling.
No matter what. :)

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