the life and lies of a silly little girl
Wednesday, March 26, 2008 ( 10:12 pm )

she will be here, talking to a potrait of herself, a silly little girl
wishing she would become that of what she had became :
a happy little kid, jumping and running and chasing the ice cream man.
as ego and naivety takes over, she sheds only one tear, and holds the rest in her
and let the heart suffer.
she'd lie if she had to, to cover a lie, to cover the secrets of her life. so it probrably be a white lie instead. but who would notice? she's barely visible. even to those that matter the most.
what she does, barely turns out alright.
she waits for a call, every single night.
til that phone starts to ring
she continues to be
a silly little girl.

the 'to's
Tuesday, March 25, 2008 ( 11:27 pm )

to like. to start with interest. to go and speak. to say hello. to talk and to chat. to build a friendship. to start to like. then to love. to feel an accidental feeling. to take friendship higher. to be ready to get hurt. to be hurt. and to hurt. to love and to like. to love one and to like another. to hurt two parties. to hurt ourself. to love. to smile. to laugh. to miss. and to be. wht if life determines us to face the 'to's even if we dont want to? what would happen if i choose to not 'to' at all? what if i 'to' differently? i drink my carrot juice and stare at my mum and her husband's wedding potrait. hoping for an answer. but probrably i ask to much, and i am suffering from missing alot i love. so ya-dah ya-dah. life goes on. boo hoo

p/s: i think carrot juice makes me drunk. or maybe im just too sleepy. ok i'll go sleep now and make sure my brain cells get their rest. theyve done alot of hard solid thinking today :]

flag day
Sunday, March 23, 2008 ( 1:28 pm )

yesterday was flag day. flag day is one of the most boring donation collection day. til this second this minute this hour of my life, my legs are still aching as if they are crying out loud. poor legs. we walked around masjid negeri, then walked all the way to road walk(that's when i start complaining about the weather.tsk tsk), took a bus from penjara to sunshine, walked all the way to bkt gedung market and went back to the headquarters by bus. i must say, bkt gedung residents are extraordinarily kind :] went to queensbay mall from the hq with mar, awien, koko, mira, mar's sister, and another senior. we catched the movie AWAKE at 4.45pm, enjoyed it and laughed our "unclean" heads off when watching the shall i say "intimate" scenes of jessica alba and hayden christensen (it was censored anyways so haha). suprisingly, i was sitting behind someone i knew on the bus to komtar, who i didnt notice at first til i got off the bus and mar told me who he was. LOL. shame on me.

when i got home, i got so bloody bored so i decided to explore the not so lovely world of youtube. i got a hold of the sneak peeks of harry potter and the half-blood prince, which made me fall in love with daniel radcliffe all over again after commenting him that he looks gay during the fifth movie, but now he's adorable. Yes yes, i may be judge mental, but Im a girl, its in my nature ! i got sleepy and went to bed and dreamed of the moon.

p/s: cant wait for harry potter to come out. the book's awesome, hope the movie is too ;]

nab's birthday party
Tuesday, March 11, 2008 ( 3:07 pm )

date : 10th march, 2008
venue : nab's crib
those that were there : the birthday girl, me, timah, fara, ena, ainaa, mira, another mira, yun, fira, aida, shaz. and.. thats all i think.

did a bbq party at nab's in conjunction with her sweet 16(which was actually on the 5th but it was a wednesday and it was on an examination day so had to do it on another day). shazana, aida and ainaa worked on the bbq, giving out all the energy they owned just for the barbeque. and suprisingly, they're good. so if you need anyone to help out with your bbq, I think you should let them handle it. uh-uh ;] We all helped out too, ESPECIALLY TIMAH AND ENA. they helped to test if the chicken was fully cooked. in the end, they ate it all. oh and i just found out that ena is globophobic(fear of balloons). damn. the cake : DEL-I-CIOUS. nice chocolate moist with peaches and strawberries on top. i couldnt stand that irresistible chocolate filling inside the cake, that just melts in your mouth(chocolate turns me on, yum). fara started a food fight with ena, and that food fight somehow got into a real fight with timah and nab, using all sorts of tools. the heat was up, even nab's mum pushed the bbq set away to give them space(she even gave timah a hint on how to turn them down). they fought like heroes. they are now officially my hero :D overall, IT WAS A BLAST. i love you nab ! happy sweet 16.<3

*check out the fight on video. LOL
scene 1
scene 2
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scene 4

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