Just Quote Me 18: Ramadhan
Saturday, August 13, 2011 ( 7:35 pm )

Just as I was minding my own business(yeah right) on Facebook, I found this. And it just moved me.. Again. You know that part in the top right corner when you're viewing a wall-to-wall page or photo album or whatever, and the previous posts or statuses pop up randomly? Ya know which part? Yes? No? What I mean is..

Ahah! Now you're speaking my language. Ok, let's proceed shall we. And so I saw this. And this was what I had said and felt exactly one year ago from today. Let's zoooooom in!

The quality of the screenshot is kinda ugly. Tried to save in png format but I'm not sure why it is still saved in a jpeg format. Oh, look! I even spotted a typo. Hmm. Never you mind. Oh, and you've probably figured out that "Ahmad Nazrin Evelyn Salt " is most definitely postively tiddly tuddly not the just quote, so don't mind that too. Kudos to those observant (Y).

It was also in the month of Ramadhan, and it reads,
"If there's ever a time when I gave up that easily, then I guess I wasn't me. And now I'm still me. And I'm not going to let the same thing happen again. Ya Allah, sesungguhnya dugaanMu begitu hebat di bulan yang mulia ini. But with all the love I have for You, I'll make sure I won't let you down. And the rest, I leave it to You. And I'm not talking about the tempting food."

I remember this. I wasn't in THE best place at that moment. There were alot more downs than ups back then, and I was always just trying to find a way to cheer myself up. And somehow along the way after that, I guess I forgot how capable I am at being optimistic. And even though studies have shown that optimists are just making it worse for themselves, I believe sometimes, it wouldn't hurt to just wanting to make yourself happy, no? Well then, thank you Facebook for reminding me of what I have said. Now that I've realised that I should not give up next time, I'll try not to forget that again... InsyaAllah. Above that all, I am happy now and happy I shall be. Towards a better Ramadhan!


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