the best month : OCTOBER
Wednesday, October 17, 2007 ( 9:22 pm )

01 0ctober- 05 0ctober
After pmr status: FREEDOM!

i cant believe that i've finished my pmr examinations. after all the hard work and stuff, ive made it! i hope i get straight a's so that i can make both my parents happy. since im the last one, i have to. im their last and only hope. moving on, the papers wasnt as hard as i expected. the easiest was MATHEMATICS! unbelievable. but the hardest was history. no matter. what's past has past. hope i pass with flying colours. and now, its time to ENJOY!

06 October
Birthday status: FINALLY FIFTEEN :)

im fifteen! ive the best birthday ever ( well to me ofcourse, and all other pmr candidates), which is right after the pmr examinations. i enjoyed it very much. and im so frickin thankful that my friends came. now i really2 have friends. ACTUAL ONES.

13 October
Raya status: JUST OK

woke up on the morning of raya. happy, excited, and kinda sorrow. but no matters. although the excitement decreased and the sorrowness increased as mum scolded me cz i kinda caused us to be ABIT late for the sunat hari raya prayer. oh well. we were still in time anyways. moving on, i went to pick up my brother and sister at the airport. as soon as we arrived home, my dad's students were already rushing to our house to 'raya' with their headmaster. it made us TOTALLY BUSY but i kinda enjoyed how the kampung kids spend their raya; even if i didnt get to feast yet. again, no matters. i made some raya cookies. i love. quite tasty ya know. overall, raya was fine :)

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