kepada ibu
Saturday, February 28, 2009 ( 10:18 pm )


I love youu.

vote for permata bonda
Wednesday, February 25, 2009 ( 3:41 pm )

Pretty please check out this short film directed by my brother and vote. No regrets!


Monday, February 23, 2009 ( 4:59 pm )

As always, did my "lepas balik sekolah" routine.

1.Placed my school bag on the chair.
3.Hug a pillow for a few seconds
4.Check my phone for any messages or missed calls.

I had two unread messages;
one from hotlink:

RM0. Talk for low as 10sen/min [to Maxis/Hotlink nos.]!
Get 20min @ RM2!
Dial *128*2#! Valid 1230 am - 8 am on day of purchase.

(not THAT low though eyy? -_-')

and the other one from Abg Hakim:

Remeber the short film, Permata Bonda, that I made with Bapak? It's one of the ten finalists for the Astro Kirana Short Film Competition. My first film work nomination.
Yay :>

(Congrats dearest brother. Hope you'll win!)

It's good to see someone you love happy. It makes you feel the same way. Don't you think so? ;)

*Til we meet again. Adios

p/s: This is exactly what I'm into : SEVEN

Child is Fragile
Sunday, February 22, 2009 ( 11:25 am )

You might not get why I am posting this.. but what the heck, man.

I headed over to Giant after tuition with Ibu. I had to get some stuff from Guardian and so I went in by myself. Ibu said take your time cz she wanted to take a nap. And so I went in, got my gear, went out and got back into the car.

Ibu: Where's my ice-cream?
Me : (in monologue)Ice-cream pulak dah.
Ibu: (hands over RM5) Ibu nak yang dalam cup tinggi tu.
Me : Yeah yeah alrite.

And so I got out, walked all the way to where they sell the ice-cream, bought one for Ibu and one for myself, payed the Aunty and walked back to the car. As I was walking towards the car, I spotted this man knocking on the window of his car(it was a grey Avanza), and he had already drawn a crowd. I decided to be nosy and purposely walked pass the grey Avanza to get a clear picture of what was goin on.

And so I made a quick hypothesis, "Since all the windscreens and headlights are turned on, his child is probably locked inside."

A few problem statements came in later and it started running in and out of my head.
"Macam mana boleh anak dia terkunci kt dalam tu?"
"Kalau anak dia dah penat and lapar, nanti dia nangis macam mana?"
"Macam mana bapak dia nak masuk?"

And then the inference walked in.
"Call the bini and ask her to send the spare key."
"Smash the window."

So what happened next?
The father managed to get in somehow.
I think he went with the window plan.

As always, Ibu and I did out busy body discussion(Ibu started it, since she is the Menteri of Sibuk Menyibuk. HAHA). Ibu said it happened to her once. Abali, my eldest brother was locked inside a proton saga. She learned a lot from that. It did happen to my sister too. I was the one locked inside. I was sleeping but she thought I died so she smashed the window. =/

It sure is scary being a mum, or a parent, or even a guardian or a sister.
Just imagine it happening to you.
What would you have done?

That incident reminded me of two of my little.. no not kids(LOL), but adik. I can imagine if I was the one responsible for them being locked inside a car. Bapak fer sure wouldn't stop banging words. And I'd be all kusut and serabut and tak tentu hala. Imagine if my kids were accidentally locked inside, and I had been so careless. My husband would have been furious! I'd probably hate myself.

...Am I thinking to far?

We can be really silly sometimes. I can be really silly sometimes. I've never meant to make such stupid mistakes though. And it's really hard to make things better. Plus things get even harder when some don't understand(especially if they're loaded with ego. sigh*). So where should us silly-mistake makers go?

I shall end this post with just an "Oh Gosh".

just quote me
Thursday, February 19, 2009 ( 6:41 pm )

This is supah nonsense. XD

can you say...

supercalafragalisticexpealadocious the speed of 300 metre per second, 10 times non stop?

"you know you can say it backwards which is dociousaliespiexticfragicalirupous but that's going a bit to far don't you think?"
-Mary Poppins

Excuse me Mr, World, do take note
Tuesday, February 17, 2009 ( 7:18 pm )

So there's this girl.
She's a real good friend of mine.
A good friend of mine indeed.
Fair skin, pretty polly and a lil bit shorter than me :P
Great person with a great personality and a grreaattt family.
She is the strongest girl I have ever met. Well, one of them that is.
On the outside, I'm not so sure cz I haven't really seen her in action. LOL.
But on the inside, she's one heck of a tough kid.
I'm sure she hasn't noticed how strong she is.
No one would at times we feel weak the most.
So I just felt like letting the world know.

Oh ya, her name is Sha(no it's not me. It's Shazwana). *Saluuuute :)

lompat si katak lompat
Wednesday, February 11, 2009 ( 6:18 pm )

Stabil tak stabil, nak jugak pegi skolah harini. NAK JUGAK.

Macam biasa, kelam kabut sikit pagi-pagi. Suka termenung bila dah bukak mata. Bagi kiss sikit kat bear kecik tu, baruu start panik.

Dah siap semua, pegi dapur amik bekal terus pegi depan.
Kasut dah ada depan pintu, tunggu nak kena sarung jeh.
Kaki sebelah kanan tak boleh masuk lah. Apa kehalnya? Ingatkan ada orang sumbat tissue kt situ. Rasa macam tissue.
Hari pun gelap lagi, lampu pulak malas nak bukak. Nak cepat, takut kena tinggal ngan Awin. Tak nampak lah "tissue" tu. Ketuk-ketuk tak jatuh pun.
Ketuk lagi skali.. Ada pun benda alah yang jatuh. Benda yang jatuh tu.. huh apa tuh?
Rupa-rupanya "tissue" tu.....


Gedabak pulak tu.

Sunday, February 08, 2009 ( 12:36 pm )

I LOST MY VOICEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Such pure torture it is not being able to sing when the coolest song on the planet which happens to be your favourite is playing on the radio and all you can do is just sit down and listen to it, or mime.

I can't even taste good food and I certainly can't smell anything cz my nose is blocked.


Moving on.. so glad that Gerhana Ska Cinta will be performing at Sunburst, cz i love love love them! Hehe. But I dunno if it's worth goin though, I don't even know most of the artists AND there are a bunch of artists that I dont quite fancy(in my terms, it means more than dislike, hate or disgust) such as.. hrmm should I say? :p

But I kinda do wanna go though. Cz..
N.E.R.D is performing! So is Andra and the Backbone, Malique & D'essential and and and Estranged!(penguin clap)

I must be getting back to my BM research then. I'm so left behind with homework at school, I don't even know what it is, and even if I did, I don't think I do have the books with me(BUT I've done some which I can do, which means the ones yang I have the books with me at home. So, im not that teruk). So.. i'll just finish off folios today, and...
Oops! Tak reply sms Anas lagi! gotta run!

nothing but paracetamol and chlorpheniramine maleate
Thursday, February 05, 2009 ( 10:13 pm )

Still sick and have been away from school for 3 straight days(which includes tomorrow cz mum wont let me since i'm still a bit warm and my nose is still kinda runny.huu). I got a lot of catching up to do so.. wish me all the best :)

Oh, and i just found out that they have opened super DC heroes boutique at gurney plaza. Good news for me, cz I dont have to go all the way to OU to shop there. Plus, it has been dead long since my last visit to gurney plaza. I wonder when my next visit is. hrrmm.. (thinking)

til we meet again, adios

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