I'm not invisible..am I?
Monday, August 18, 2008 ( 3:28 pm )

No matter how hard I try, how happy I pretend to be, it still won't work. I'd easily get manipulated at times I'm careful the most. I'm a sensitive kid, so what could I do? It feels like you're sitting on me, when I'm actually there. It feels like I'm smaller than an atom. Wait, what is smaller than an atom? I am? I'm not wearing an invisibility cloak. Though, I wish I had one. I probably don't exist.
But chill.
No one is at fault. Not really.
Don't feel guilty.
It's just a silly little typical teenage feeling.

I shall trash this feeling, and enjoy my stay at bapak's.

What merdeka really means.
Friday, August 15, 2008 ( 9:57 pm )

So I've ran out of books and magazines to read, and I'm definitely not gonna read any textbooks(hell no weyh). So I decided to start another hobby: Observing and studying hilarious abnormal human behaviours. :)

As I was waiting for the bus at BJ, my nervous system sent messages to my brain telling me to look left, and so I did. And so I saw this dude on a bus, picking his nose with joy. I decided to look away, and 5 secs later I looked back. He was still enjoying his tiny activity with the look on his face hoping no one saw, and later picked his ear. So the freedom of him doing unhygenic acitivities on a bus, proves the real meaning of MERDEKA. So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Kemerdekaan.

I shall end this post with a big LOL.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 ( 8:24 pm )

Suffer - defined as hurt; to feel pain or to be in pain.
Synonyms of suffer:
labor under, struggle with, be disadvantaged by, be burdened with, be swayed by etc.

I just noticed that there isn't time for recess like us school kids get in school, in the political world.
This is why I hate politics. Probably the government will come sue me for saying that.
But so bloody what?

I hate being in the middle. In between of two different worlds, but somehow those worlds are related to each other.

When I have children of my own, I hope they don't have to go through the stress I go through.
10 000 sighs.

*stress can cause weird stuff to grow on your face, so take good care of your emotions people.

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