Thursday, May 28, 2009 ( 9:25 pm )

Mid Years are officially OVER. Happy happy happy. YEEEHAAAHH ;)
Can't wait to meet Bapak.
Can't wait to meet my friends! Especially Shaaaaaa.
("Celebrate Good Times" is playing on repeat in head)

So here's a bit of info on what went on today:
Went to qb for some ice cream. Just a little treat for myself after exams. I must say, new zealand natural ice cream is indeed yummy, i like Hokey Pokey best. Try it!
As tomorrow is our school's teacher's day, Awin beli chocolate untuk Pn.Zainun, and Awin, Ainaa and I shared money to buy a gift for MR.LEE. Haha. The "best" teacher EVERRR. Main reason why : We love his sarcasm and he's a perfectionist. Lalala

Let's hope everyone will have a happy day tomorrow!

Ok then. Im off. Goodnight!

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