life shut down
Thursday, January 17, 2008 ( 9:59 pm )

i wanna be a turtle.
a small one. the small type that still can't swim and can only float on water.
a baby turtle.
that bunch of baby turtles that people take it to the hatching sanctuary to care for it, keep it away from danger.
to be loved.
i wanna be a tortoise.
the one that beat the hare in the race.
the one that was slow, but was still a winner.
the one that was innocent and kind, and everybody cheered for.
i wanna live with the brady bunch.
the bunch that lives happily together.
the bunch that loves each other, and cares for each other too.
the bunch that has a good life, great family, great bedroom.
the best thing, that bunch sticks together.
i wanna be the perfect girlfriend.
the one that can make the boyfriend happy at all times.
the one that can make him cry because he's touched.
the one that can make him laugh when i'm silly.
the one that can make him smile because he loves me.
can i be what i want to be? do i have the ability? is there such thing? one things for sure, is that i can never be the perfect girlfriend, because im not a perfect girl, nor am i a perfect friend. or daughter, or sister.
can i be forgiven..?

school's cool?
Wednesday, January 16, 2008 ( 8:06 pm )

beginning of the year.
it's that time of month where everything has to happened on that day, that time. sports practice, club meetings, auditions, bla bla bla..
homework? awesome. TOTALLY.seriously, too many. beginning of the year, "rajin" . when its comes to the middle of the year, i bet my homework would be stacked in a pile on my table. (if that happens, im toast).
i have fallen in love. with additional mathematics. how interesting a subject can make a human being cry (credits to pn.nazariah).
oh, gtg ! off to the dining table.

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