doctor, prescribe me a chillex please
Friday, November 28, 2008 ( 12:37 am )

I have lost my patience and have decided that I am sick of those who pretend to understand and know it all, and buy really don't, and just bloody care about themselves. Special thanks to those that has had doubts about me, those that have thought side ways about me. You have made me who I am today: a better person than you. Please, feel sorry for yourself(you no good hypocrites.ergh).

p/s:learn't a new word today, "chillex-combination of chill and relax." and that is exactly what i need. lol. oh and kak yaya has fallen in love with cedric diggory. yeay her. haha

Raise Your Voice
Monday, November 24, 2008 ( 9:52 pm )

If you think you're weird, you feel isolated, alone and no one understands you, then think again people. Because I have a tale to tell. wink wink

It is said that artists have their own different way of expressing their emotions. You see, artists make their emotions more obvious. Through the high and low notes of the pieces they compose, or even within the excruciating and meaningful words they choose when writing lyrics. Even through the stupid, funny-looking, exotic, unnatural, unique photos those SLR or lomocam owners(i really want to own a lomo.hehe.oh sorry.where were we? ah yes) snap. Hrmm.. what else? Oh oh, even the way some film makers take their shots, sometimes from such a weird angle, but have you ever thought that they're just somehow trying to express the scene in a way of their own? Or maybe through the bombastic colours artists use for their painting. Vincent Van Gogh even cut his ear off to get inspiration for his painting. But he later on killed himself so that's not such a very good example. LOL. Nevertheless, these are the special bunch. The bunch who are gifted by God with an AMAZING MIND. This is what makes us different from regular people. If you feel alone, or different, or what-so-ever, find out someone who feels the same way too. Think again, probably you lot just own another gift. Ever thought of that? ;)
And so..
I have found myself again. Well I wasn't really lost. I just thought that I alone had a different view of life. But it's not that really. Silly me. But I do still think I'm dorky. Hehe. Sometimes others just can't understand. Yeah, we are different. But you know what? We're so damn special, you wish you had a brain like ours. Owh yeah.. :D

*Special thanks to the movie that made me realise my inner self, "Raise Your Voice". Not forgetting, to the music of my life too. Glad to be happy again :)

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