When God answers your prayers
Saturday, August 13, 2011 ( 12:23 am )

Salaaam amigos.

I just got back from my grandmother's house and I seriously just couldn't wait any longer. Do you have any idea how hard it is to actually sit down and eat with her without any stress? No you don't have any idea. But my mum does.. And my sister.. And my brother(but then again he is Opah's cucu emas. Mehehe). Well yes, my mother and I went over to Sg. Karangan and ate at her place. Her cooking: UH-MAAZING. Best cook I've ever known. And it was just a simple dish. Yet it was that good I couldn't keep my eyes off it and just couldn't wait to nibble on the shizzle. All I have to say is, it was nice. And mum said she has been waiting for something like that to happen for so so so long. What some of you may not know, is my grandmother is not much of a typical oldie. She's more of a goldie and likes clothes with a whole lot of bling. Can stop her from what she likes. Plus, nothing is normal in my family. We are all just so weird and... weird. Everyone has their obsessions though, no? I mean, Opah with her bling bling baju kurung, Kak Yaya with her shoes, Ibu with her Ikea shopping and Estee Lauder, Bapak with his high tech phones, Abang Hakim with his DVDs and books, me with my polka dots and hijabs, Nazrin and his futsal and Topman(Y), and you and your.... whatever your obsession(s) is/are. I guess it's normal. I guess. But nyehh, who cares. As long as we're happy, the world has no right to take that happiness away from us, ey ey? Just as long as you don't forget to be thankful and don't overdo it, and if you're a muslim never forget to say Alhamdulillah. And alhamdulillah, Allah has answered my mother's prayers, and now grandma and her are having a better relationship. And that makes me happy. And a bunch of others happy. And now the whole world is happy! I think. Wait, are you happy? I know I am.

Let's hope this isn't temporary though. Let's hope Allah has something even greater planned for all of us, even for you.. Whoever you are. We can't always be jumping to conclusions. And we should just enjoy what the moment brings, and don't be so hard on yourself, and just take a chill pill(that's if they ever invented one). You know nowadays, nothing means anything! For instance, just because there aren't any comments in (whatever) post, doesn't mean no one's reading! Am I right? Or.. just because no one liked your profile picture, doesn't mean no one's seen it yet. Right? Right? Or.. Just because that girl's wearing a hijab doesn't mean she's not a b*tch. Ok that one, OFFENSIVE. That goes around ALOT nowadays, and yea the statement, in some situations are true, but as a Muslim, as a female Muslim that wears the hijab, I feel that we should not let that be as true as it can be, because the hijab is not just a piece of cloth on the head. It represents more than our religion. But it also represents who we are. And it is a form of modesty. And I could go on and on but.. Yeah we'll just talk about it later. Ladidadida where was I? Oh yes, since I've already mentioned about this hijab issue tissue, I shall correct what I have said. Well it's not that nothing means anything nowadays. Sometimes, some things mean something, but not every thing means everything. Ahh, now you get me? No? Yes? Am I right or am I right? Ok just, think about it. And my dearest magical people, chill! I am random and you are cuckoo. Eat me, if you disagree. Ay? Alright! THAT'S THAT! LIVE LIFE TO THE MAX! KEEP SMILING! HUZAH!

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