What You Say, What You Do, Does It Mean Anything?
Friday, August 26, 2011 ( 9:12 pm )

"What are words if you really don't mean them when you say them?"-What Are Words, Chris Medina.

"More than words is all you have to do to make it real."-More Than Words, Extreme.

"Action speak louder than words."-Damaged, Danity Kane.

Words words words. Words. Do they really matter? Are words just words? Or could we just keep quiet but still get the message sent? Or do we require a little bit of "show n' tell"? Honestly, I don't know.. Well, I can't really put my finger on it because as usual, IT DEPENDS. It depends on the situation itself. There are no answer schemes to the questions. Hence, YOU are the answer scheme. You find out yourself and you try to be the wise guy here and see for yourself. Not sayin' that you should be judging the book by the cover or so, but what I am trying to tell you here is that you sometimes just need to a little bit more thinking than to listen to what others say. So let us all wear our thinking caps on, shall we? Words are best used during many many times; when a guy wishes to express his love to a girl, OR when a daughter wishes to express her anger to her father etc, etc. However, I, too, feel that they are best used for opinions and assumptions, no?

Opinions. Have them. You need them all the time. You need them when you're in school, you need them when you're in college/university, you need them when you're working, you need them when you're having a conversation with anybody, any age at any time! This is when words matter. It's not a matter of whether you are right or you are wrong, it's a matter of expressing your thoughts and just letting people know,"hello, this is what I think bla bla bla..". And if what you think is the right thing to do(in your opinion), and there are possible actions that can be taken, why not take the chance to take a few actions? If you're just gonna sit there and do nothing and give opinions like a machine gun well that's not much of a "giving opinion" kind of thing now is it? More like complaining if you ask me. Do something about it, IF YOU CAN. I'm pretty sure there's a minimum for everything. Prre-ttyy sure.. So when we give an opinion, we can't seem to stop talking, can we? Or is it just me? Nahh, I can't be the only one now, can I? Whatever. It's like answering an essay question. One sentence wouldn't be enough, ofcourse. That would just give you riddiculous marks. You know that, but you still do it, because you just really don't know what the frickin' answer is. So the more you write, the more marks you get(if you're writing the right thing, InsyaAllah). Nyehh, we've all been through it. I have, too. Don't be ashamed. And don't be afraid to give opinions.

Assumptions, however, sometimes have no effect what so ever, but usually it is a pain in the arse. People assume this, people assume that. Yes, I am a "people" too hence, I, too, assume. But remember what Jimminy Cricket, the grasshopper from Disney's Pinocchio said? "Let your conscience be your guide". Lately, a lot of bashing about universities and underestimations related to that matter has been going around. I must say, at first it was ignorable. But hearing about it on and on and on again like there's no tomorrow, has become an annoyance to my space. I deeply regret all the comments on whose university is better, bla bla bla. But who am I to regret for them? They should be regretting themselves. Enough with the labelling, amigos. Just, stop it. Just because you study at a prestigous university, DOES THAT MAKE YOU PRESTIGIOUS? If you go around bashing about other "less prestigious" universities, that doesn't really make you much "prestigious", AT ALL. Just because you go to a "less prestigious" university, you don't have to act "less prestigious" too. I am highly annoyed by this issue, and if I had a remote control to this, I would definitely press the "stop" button. But I don't. Hence, you make the call. Aren't you tired of the labels too? Aren't you tired of people "deciding" what kind of person it makes you? The best way is just not to care about what others think. But if your not tired of the jibber jabber, then... Well, then. Suit yourself.

Words are still words. Best not be playing around with what's not play-able. You can think for yourselves now.

I'm sensing a message from the mothership of the human body to stop typing this instant. Hence, I'm off and ooh, the pizza's here.

Til then, keep your thinking caps on, keep it off, whatever.

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