Post Response: When I Start to Yapped
Sunday, August 21, 2011 ( 5:31 pm )

Salam and Hola, amigos. Let's do a wee bit of sharing today, shall we? Is this what I think it is? Relationship advice, is it? As youtube videos have video responses, well this is my post response to the following:

"Coming home and getting an awfully long phone call from a friend about a break up isnt really an everyday thing but hey, its normal. A five year relationship down the drain just like that in a split second. But why? There were those couples that I thought I'd be seeing having kids and all, but they ended all and there was no "other person involve". All he said was he didn't love her anymore like he used to but that wasn't enough of an excuse to go right? But still, its down the drain. Well, Im no psychiatrist nor am I good at giving any advises, but Ive been through a lot since I was in high school and based on observations of the incidents happening around me, I can share a few. Lets not take the view from the person who got dumped because that would be boring and its actually too common to take it from the 'innocent side'. Yes, lets take it from the other side, the dark and heartless side as you may all see it.

So why did you dump her? Lets give it two situations. Situation A, there was another person that he fancy which has a simple explanation to it and Situation B, he didn't have any feelings for her anymore, nadaa. zero. null. Which is hard to figure out and you might get rashes on your butt just from thinking of it. Tricky.

Situation A.

Many relationships go to waste because of this. Seeing someone else they're attracted to and immediately telling themselves, "Im gonna leave my girl and hit on this chick all right". Well, if you are unhappy and having a shitty relationship they yeah. Just leave cause you know yourself, you deserve better. But make sure you ask yourself why were you unhappy. Just dig it up to the core so that you'll get the answer. BUT sometimes people just go on and have new relationships for the short term pleasure, for fun which is wrong. A selfish act that is practice in our generation. But in the end the person would normally come crawling back and asking for forgiveness and asking you to take him back. Priceless ey? Dont smirk and dont say yes. :P Second chances are given for a reason but not the wrong ones. If people treated you like shit, then that person isn't worthy at all for you.

Situation B.

"He doesnt love me nemoreeee" and the endless crying continues with added blowing nose into tissues and teardrops the size of Jupiter. So he said he doesn't want you anymore and you ask yourself, what did I do wrong? How can one person love the other so much and the other leaves just like that? Well, in a relationship it doesn't really matter how long the duration is really, its the feeling, tolerance and appreciation that brings it all together. As the relationship grows, you can either grow apart from each other or end up growing together and having similar mutual feelings. Heck, you can feel great about your relationship 7 months ago and still feel great about it until today. But it is natural if it goes the other way around. Don't blame people for what had happened but why not blame yourself. You may mislead things and focused on the wrong things thats why it becomes a waste. It may have not been love in the beginning even, maybe it was a series of coincidence and flirtatious acts.

Emotional training is important and if you are truly grateful of your partner then surely you would do anything to fight for that person rather than giving up and meeting someone better which in my opinion is a lazy, easy and an immature option. Seee, so keep your relationship clean and lovable and keep it interesting ;D"
-adapted from Kiss The Rain

speaking like a pro ey, Kyla? :p Well whatever she crapped there is absolute truth, no doubt about that amigos. Well here's a tip to whoever is reading, sometimes a little break up does not necessarily mean THE END. It may just mean the beginning. Sometimes it may mean that its time for a change and for you to just get with that better man/woman somewhere out there waiting for you, maybe? Or it may just mean that you just need a break. Hence, you will learn to appreciate each other better. As sometimes that lack of appreciation can just cause a catastrophe, and you wouldn't want that now, would ya? Would ya? Nope.

It also depends on how well you overcome the problem of your relationship. If you know the proper strategies, the necessary things to avoid, then you'd probably be safe and you most probably wouldn't need a break up. In my case, I needed one. Well, it's not like I was begging one from God or planning it along the way. I have regretted the terrible things that had happened along the way, but I am sort of thankful that I have learnt to have deep appreciations for people I care for and that is what everyone needs. APPRECIATION; assessment of the true worth or value of persons or things.

If you really love your relationship, just don't forget that you love your guy/gal too. Don't be so caught up in the relationship, busy trying to have THE MOST perfect relationship ever, trying to be the top 10 sweetest couple in the world, when you're man doesn't even love you anymore 'cause.. I dunno, you're too lovey dovey? Too pushy? Too clingy? There's no harm in saving the relationship, but as long as there's no ice berg ahead, you don't need to sink the ship.

I, for one, like things to be more natural, spontaneous and random. But everyone has their own different way, anyway. I don't really know exactly what it is now do I 'cause you're not telling meh, are youh?! Well then! Tell me!

Til then, thumbs up to Sharifah Syakila. *wink*

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