4 RAMADHAN: Notice the unnoticeable
Thursday, August 04, 2011 ( 11:57 pm )

I'm the unnoticeable. Hi. Did you notice me? Ok sorry. That was random.

Ever realised how alert we(Muslims) seem during the fasting month? Now what on earth am I talking about?! How alert can you be when you're hungry? Ahah! Caught you there, people. Wanna grab your thinking caps again? If my calculations are correct, the most alert time would be after 5pm. Once mummy's started cooking in the kitchen. Or when you just arrived at the Ramadhan Bazaar. And all that food seems like you just have to have 'em all. Ayam this, ayam that, kuih this, kuih that, you name it, you want it, you just have to have it don't you? And when you look at it.. Ahh, wait, shall we be more realistic here? Let's not talk about what the eyes can see, but what the nose can smell. I mean, masha Allah, that smell seems so good and you're 5 blocks away from it. And to look, let alone smell, would be enough to make your eyes bigger. And all that's left is to nomnomnom away at the dining table! Yes sur-rey. And don't tell me that you're not just sitting there, anxiously looking at the clock, and so so keen to here the azan for Maghrib, infront of all those delicious nutritious food before you break the fast? And is this the only time when you actually listen very carefully? Or..? I for one admit that I here speak for myself. And for many others as well, I guess. Yeah.. well these little things. They matter. Depending on the situation ofcourse. Well then, towards a better Ramadhan, shall we? And towards a better life? I'll leave you again with your thinking caps.

Til then


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