Wednesday, August 03, 2011 ( 11:12 pm )

Salam and good evening, everyone. How was your day? Wait that's a boring a question. Scratch that. How have you been? Been feeling awight? I know that this is the only month whereby our doings, good or bad, are not influenced by any evil intentions of the syaitan. And this is where we are on our own. This is when we see everyone's true colours. Oh, believe me. Going to the mosque alone is good enough to see how courteous people are. And how much advantage people take of your courtesy. But not all people are as ignorant as some folks I've met. I don't think so. I know so. The world can't be filled with ignorant people alone now can it? And let's not forget that this is the month that we are facing extra tests from God. Ahah! Well I'll leave you with your thinking caps on and proceed with today's story. Well unfortunately today there is not much of an interesting story. I did not go to the mosque today hence no McGonigal. I took my Xertec last night and it made me sleepy the whole day. I literally felt like a flatworm(no, ofcourse not literally. What's wrong with you?). Hence, I broke my fast at home... alone. And this is the 3rd day of Ramadhan. And the 3rd day of August. And the 3rd day of having 3 dates for sahur. Huhaa! Well yea sure 3 dates alone is not much of a feast. But I'll tell you this, which probably some of you may already know, dates alone, specifically 3, are just good enough to get you going through the whole day until it's time to break the fast. Just don't forget to drink a glass of water with that. And you're good to go! And this may also be applied to those that wish to lose some weight... That is, if you don't eat so much during the breaking of your fast. Well that's that. I would write more, but I have to make way for something else. I've pretty much on my mind right now. And it is best to write when your mind is more sure of what it wants and what it is comfortable with. I mean, writing when your pissed off or sad will ofcourse produce tremendous results. But you wouldn't want to be deleting that and say to yourself "what the hey were you thinking?!" now would you? So for now, I'll just keep my thoughts on hold until I can find the appropriate words and the appropriate time for the talk of the mind. But come to think of it, on my mind, not as THAT much as some of you lot have on yours. It would most definitely be unfair for me to say that I have a lot on my mind right now. As I don't have to raise any kids, work my arse off for some extra cash or even think about equations. I mean, mum's got work to think about, Nazrin's got his tests to worry about which seems ridiculously difficult to study, dad's got his never ending scripts to write, and so on and so forth. So what's on your mind? And didn't I just say I have to make way for something else?
Well then.


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