2 RAMADHAN: Tarawikh
Wednesday, August 03, 2011 ( 1:36 am )

Tis the second day of Ramadhan, the second day of fasting, the second day of August. 28 days left and counting! Well I wouldn't to waste the space of this post with my blabbering about. But nevertheless, I would like to share with you the things my eyes have seen. No worries, amigos. This will be a short one as I will be attending to my pillow anytime soon.

Buka puasa at Penang's State Mosque yesterday and today. And it does give you a different feel when you're with all those people you don't even know, but there for the same purpose as you are. Ofcourse the food were no extreme delights. But they were quite tastey and filling enough. Standard mosque menu, ofcourse: porridge, rice, kurma, hot tea and other food donated by other people(bless them Allah).

So I performed the tarawikh solat next to this lady. She wasn't that tall.. Actually pretty short. Shorter than me that is. She wore a black abaya, black hijab, and a black robe with a hoodie on the outside(whereby deep down inside I seriously want one too). A very unique robe that is. It had only one button in the front. It was like Little Red Riding Hood's. Only it was black. And the material was velvet. And that smell, like kasturi. She was probably in her 50s. And she had pale, yet fair face. To exaggerate, I thought she was an angel. HAHA. But with all that clothing, I thought to myself,"Professor McGonigal? Is that you?". Well forgive me for the slight exaggeration of may imaginarium. Well then, McGonigal. Will I ever get to see you again? That is.. Riddikulous!(spell from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Remembah? No? WTV to that).

Til then, keep smiling :)

**apologies for the late post.


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