1 Ramadhan: The First Day of Puasa
Monday, August 01, 2011 ( 1:08 pm )

Salam and Good Afternoon everybodayh!
What more than a better time to start a 30-days challenge than on the first day of Ramadhan itself? Ramadhan is 30 days PLUS all 30 days are not like the usual days as us Muslims must fast during this blissful month. So there will indeed be changes in daily routines and activities; that would include less talking, less eating, more starving, more thinking, a little less singing, a little more piano playing, more ibadah(act of worship), less gossip(I'm a girl), more kurma, a little less of this and a little more of that, so on and so forth.

There may be some of you Non-Muslims wondering out there, why do Muslims fast? Well then looks like someone's done the explanation already!

Oh, and last night, I went for the first tarawikh prayers for this month at Penang's State Mosque. And as usual, by the time it was 8.30pm the car parks were almost full. So imagine what the prayer hall would look like by then. So you know that during the early days of Ramadhan, you have to reach the mosque early to get a good spot. But once you've reached towards the end of Ramadhan... Well, I guess my fellow Muslims can figure that out. Ofcourse there are several reasons why it is so. Possibly, the people have started going back to their hometowns. Next possible reason, the ladies get busy in the kitchen, making rendang and ketupat and kuih raya. And the men get busy with their tools and the kids.. Well the kids just can't get enough of those firecrackers can they? Please children! It's dangerous! But telling this to a child would probably be like talking french to a mad cow. Wow I don't know what that means either. But, you get my point now don't you? So let's try to make a little change this year. And ofcourse everyone would want a better year than last year. So let's get to it! Towards a better Ramadhan! Huzah!

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Well then ladies and gentlemen, amigos, amigas, muslimin dan muslimat, Selamat berpuasa, happy fasting, have a wonderful Ramadhan!

Til then, no eating til Maghrib. *tummy rumbles*


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