The Truth About McDonalds
Saturday, July 30, 2011 ( 9:41 pm )

You know that sudden feeling when you just see something and you immediately think of something else or someone? Like that moment when you see people in graduation robes and you think, "Ahh! Hogwarts". Or when you see a banana and think of cute little banana-eating monkeys. Well, my examples are not the best ones and may not seem THAT common, and please amigos, they are just fictitious thoughts.. Unless ofcourse, someone actually DOES that. You would be super weird, but you are more than welcome to join my loco cruise :)

So I was watching Captain America(which I feel was not THAT great but it was good and I like his shield and Agent Carter) with my parents a few days back. And as usual, they show all that commercial a few minutes before the movie starts. And one of them was the McDonalds' commercial. You know, the one with the adorable twins? No? This one?

Well now that you know which one I'm talking about, we shall continue the story.
Kids. What can I say. I don't have any. But I do have a little sister and brother. Annoying, at times. Especially when they cry over the littlest things, such as not getting to buy a toy, or not getting enough attention so on and so forth. But ya know, they are the most adorable little things on the planet, other than baby animals and mini cupcakes that is. And can you ever deny the fact that a child has made you smile during your most emotionless moments? And your those brain cells would just be saying,"ahh, just what you need." And you couldn't agree more. Am I right or am I right? Anyhoo, I must cut to the chase as probably some of you have already started to have "I wonder when she's going to start to chat about McDonalds" popping in your heads. Well then, on with McDonalds!

You see the truth about it, is exactly what you saw in the commercial I included in my post above. When I saw that very commercial in the cinemas, the little monsters, Farish Hakim and Nadine Hanim began knocking on the door of my memory. And so that specific memory replayed itself in my mind, and then came along a sudden smile. So this memory of yours, Sya, what is it? Ahh, patience my amigos. For here it comes.

I spent a few weeks back at my dad's in Melawati. And I remember that one time, when dad just called up and said he's about to arrive home and asked whether I would like to get a bite or something. And he asked whether the little monsters wanted to join us. And so I did ask them, and ofcourse, they said yes. So when we got in the car, my dad asked us where we wanted to go. Farish said Burger King. Nadine said KFC. And shouting of "Burger King" and "KFC" repeatedly became the music to my ears and I couldn't help but to laugh. There they go again! Fighting over something, which this time is our next destination. Kids will be kids and siblings will be siblings! I couldn't help but to laugh to the sound of "music". At an attempt of being a fair dad, he suggested MCD instead. They both immediately stopped the shouting and agreed to the suggestion happily. "OK lah McD. Ada taman." And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the truth about McDonalds. Seeing is believing. ;)

What? Don't tell me that you were hoping for some juicy and controversial gossips about McDonalds. I think you could just.. Google that? Haha! Well my greatest apologies if you thought so. I just could not think of a more appropriate title. And I like to make you wonder anyway.. Whoever you are. Well then, amigos! Live life to the max. And keep smiling!

Til then, I'd like a double cheese burger with fries and a chocolate sundae ice cream.

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