That Lazy Day
Wednesday, July 20, 2011 ( 3:42 pm )

It's 3.43PM and here I am sitting in the living room, finding it hard to keep my fingers off the keyboard. My little brother and sister are watching Astro's TUTOR TV. Woahoho. That kept them quiet. I guess I could use that trick next time if they start fighting over Bibik's telur dadar again. I also find changing the channel to Asian Food Channel very helpful when I'm tired of cartoons but the little kids are still dominating the telly. That keeps them quiet as well. Impressive, no? Try it, if you please. And amazing how Baby TV shuts me up as well. How the hey does that happen? I haven't a clue. And at this exact point, I haven't another clue why I am sharing my tips and tricks on little kids and TV but, hey! You could be thanking me someday.

Sorry everyone. This is just one of those lazy days I have. While some people choose to snooze all day long, I choose to embrace the laziness. And now I am off for a Youtube adventure. And.... I think I am in desperate need of a life outside Youtube. Anyone? Help? Sigh. Oh well, let's get jiggy with it. Toodles!

By the way, I had a jolly good time with Nazrin yesterday. Poor boy didn't get his lasagne. Not to worry, he's happy anyway(despite him missing his wallet. Which has now probably gone to heaven. R.I.P. Sob). Tralalala. Yeah, ok bye now


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