If not sheep, then words
Friday, July 01, 2011 ( 2:29 pm )

Have you ever had this feeling where.. You can't seem to fall asleep at night because of this horrible thing inside which has been bothering you and can't seem to leave your mind. And this feeling.. It's like Garfield sleeping on your chest, like a baby penguin trying to get warm under its mother, making itself small all the way; that heaviness.. that tightness.. It makes you difficult to sleep. You're restless and you're heart can't help but to beat faster. And then you find it very hard to breathe. I find it hard to breathe. It's just so air tight, you've forgotten the importance of sleep. But then again, you want to fall asleep so you could just stop thinking about it. But then you figure if you sleep on it, you'll dream the worst about it. You could just rely on those never ending sheep you count. Or you could just cry yourself to sleep(an option many many people go for including both male and female). Or you could just put on that "Go To Sleep" playlist and let yourself listen to them til you fall asleep at some part of the song called "It's Hard To Say" by The Used. This feeling, it's annoying isn't it? And all it can cause is another headache and heavier eyebags. All those worries, could just be for nothing. Who knows, you could just wake up the next morning and find out all that worrying was just silly and everything goes back to normal. Until you get to hear what you want to hear, you'll be worried forever. If that's what you think. But it is entirely OK to feel this way. Because you're not alone. YOU are not alone. When this happens, tell yourself,"tomorrow's gonna be a better day" even if you're crying at that very moment. Tell yourself a thousand times if you have to. It's better than counting sheep, though. Atleast, it helps to soothe you down. You ought to be in a good state to have a good sleep, no? And if tomorrow, you wake up, and it's not getting better, or it's just getting worse, tell yourself, "things will get better". Just hang in there no matter what the cause, and keep praying and wait for the best. Because the best is yet to come.

Til then, things will get better.

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