When A Time Was Just Once Upon
Tuesday, June 07, 2011 ( 2:59 pm )

Amigos, do you remember that day when you had your first toy? You thought that it was all you need to keep you happy. Then your parents brought you to Toys R Us and suddenly you plead to have that latest action figure 'cause by then you decided that THAT was your whole world and you just HAD TO HAVE IT. Then ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on, right?

But then again, here we are, doing the same thing still, without realising it, only it just doesn't involve Barbies and Star Wars. When we were younger, it was just toys. As we grow up, its more than that. When we're older, its way beyond that. Should we blame ourselves or should we just go with the flow? I'm thinking that we should improve every second of it. It's just a lie to be once in love with someone and not thinking he or she is everything and the only one. Because when we're in love, we are. Without a doubt I'd say truth to that. But when things end due to certain circumstances that may differ for each and every one of you, things get out of hand. It can get messy, or it can get even better. Didn't we just thought that they were everything to us? Now that its over, can we live? When this happens, you have a choice. You could: option 1 - hate the person for the rest of your life and not ever speak of him or her again OR option 2 - survive and keep moving forward OR option 3 - you make the call.

Then we meet new people and say that, "scratch that. This is my everything". Don't be ashame of making a mistake. But keep in mind that we all should just go with the flow. Its not that bad. But add a little flavour to it and it gets far better than great. I know that I always say, everything happens for a reason. And yes, it does. And in everything we do, God is there with us. And it could be Him giving us one of His great tests, or it could be Him preparing us for the best, or it could just be abit of both or even more. I simply do not know exactly what it is. But Allah does. He's great and He knows what He's doing.

But please don't forget, we need to go through it, not over it, not under it. As one of His many beautiful creations, we must play our role. Work it, then leave it to Him. Now that is what tawakal is all about.

So amigos, don't you fret! Life has its many turns. I may have fallen in and out of love many times, and I know that I may have been the bad guy sometimes, and I know that I've made promises I could not keep. I also know that I've once felt that everything was everything. But sometimes, it's just something. It's not anything, but it is something, and not your whole life. We make mistakes. I make mistakes. And apologising for it is just not enough sometimes. When God grants you with a second, third, fourth chance, grab it and TRY to make the best out of it. Still not helping? Do something about it, to make you feel better. Just do it.

Another thing ladies and gentlemen, I admit that LOVE is my many favourite topics to talk about here. But please, open your mind, your eyes, and all of your other senses. It doesn't always have to be about a boy and a girl. I've lost friends, I've lost some family members. And if they inspire me, I write and relate. AND THAT'S THAT. :)

"You are everything and everything is you". Love your loved ones as they are. Atleast forgive if you can't forget. Don't hate yourself.


Don't stop laughing.

Til then, ciao :)

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