Nu Flavor
Thursday, June 30, 2011 ( 1:43 am )

First things first. Salam and Good evening to my amigos. Como estas? :D Can't get enough of Spanish yet so please, hang in there for just abit more people muchas gracias. Since my boyfriend has already fallen asleep, I shall talk to you then... whoever you are(just so you know, Nu Flavor is a boy band). As you can see I gots me self a nu look here! Likin' it? Yes? No? Nyeh nyeh whatever. I like it. It's simple. It's very me. And now I can finally post big fat photos and don't have to resize them that much. Very VERY satisfying. Yum :) Started the makeover at about 9-ish pm and I've just finished. Yeay me. I thank God for the existence of Photoshop. Worked my ass off here! So.. yeah hope everyone likes it as much as I do.

It's almost 2am and I should sleep soon. But I would just like to take this grand opportunity to wish my eldest brother, Fazly Jermadi a very Happy Birthday. Congrats brothah, you are 30! I do miss blowing out the candles for you. I hope that Ibu and I could bring you cake soon. 'Cause that would be lovely jubly for my Fazzy Wazzy. I must say when he was a baby he was the cutest baby alive. I'd say the cutest out of us four. And yet he is the special one. Everyone loves you, Abali. We all miss you. Especially Bapak I suppose. Anyhoo, Happy 30th! Lotsa love, ADIK. <3 :)

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