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Monday, June 27, 2011 ( 2:43 pm )

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Hola Amigos!

Now I haven't a clue of what has gotten into me but I can't seem to get the spanish out of me. No not as in the people, but the language. I don't even know it. Basically just picked it up from here and there and mix it all together and voila! You get me. Si si. :D

Anyhoo that is not the hot topic for today. Actually I don't think there is a hot topic for today. I'm not really bothered to post this on Innit. But I just might change my mind later so please! Do not judge me yet. Here I am typing away about something I'm not even sure of what I want to type but I'll type it out anyway and then this will allow me to get a very long, non-interesting sentence which will add to the juice that will allow my post to appear longer. FUH. That ladies and gentlemen, is a non-sense sentence. Superb.

Anyhoo again, my parents are off to Kuantan for a week so this means I get the house all to myself. Too bad I don't fancy wild parties and sleepovers the kind Blair Waldorf would throw. 'Cause this would be one heck of a chance to do it, no? Nevertheless, I have decided to make this an opportunity to fast. This means, do good and save money all in one. Thank you for blessing me Allah :)

I don't really think anyone would read this, but if you are, then.. Hi, thank you for sparing some time for this random person's little-but-not-so-little thoughts from some place called Penang. This is not really one of my most interesting posts, so if you want to skip reading below, I won't be offended. Nevertheless, I think the only person I know of who walks in and out of The Real Life regularly would be my boyfriend. So Hi awak. :) And probably a bunch of others, too. Show yourself if you please! But thank you anyway to those who've been such a dear reading this, following me, and kind enough to leave comments. You are awesome. Like, Ken Wooi for instance. Hi Ken :)

Oh look I've just spent half a post saying Hi. I'll say Hi again. Hi. Hello. Howdy. Hola. Forgive me amigos, for something just came into my mind and its about to come out from my fingertips right now. Did you read the post on making a mistake a posted last week that came along with a photo of a cute little pink bear? Oh wait it's just down below. :D You see, since we are all human, and we all come from Adam and Eve, we are much are alike in a way. Mistakes are one thing in common. Definitely. I'm not here to talk about mistakes again though. I'm here to tell you, that it's okay to do something to keep yourself happy. Like distancing yourself from the people you love or love you, just because there's some sort of unresolved issue in your head. It's okay. Many people do it. I do it sometimes. But that isn't an excuse to shut out the people who care. That is not an excuse to make people feel bad. That is not an excuse to say horrible, horrible things to the world, either. Man up and tell it to the face if you please. Telling it to the world, will just make things worse. Unless you're seeking help and advice, do the right thing. I must say it bothers me to know things like this. And if there was anything that I could do or say, I would definitely do or say it. But for now, I can just hope and pray that everything gets better for everyone in the world and let nature take its course. Open your eyes, people. Open it and see who is really there. But honestly, if someone shuts me out, sooner or later I shut them out too. Yikes :/

Oh, and may I just say that I am very happy with how things are going right now. I got my second chance. And I am very thankful for it. I've gotten second chances before, but they weren't that obvious or not as moving as this one was for me. I lived in the deepest Valley of Nothing. And now I have moved up to the Mountains of Everything. Everything matters now. Everything that's happening. Every single step of my life, every choice that I had made, making and will make matters. It pretty much reflects who you are. It pretty much leads you to some place I do not know where but somewhere. Somewhere, amigos. And somewhere is good. Somewhere could be the best place on Earth where you get the chance to feel the best feeling ever. This is something to me. And I am still sort of in disbelief. But then again, THIS IS THE REAL LIFE! How dare I not believe what's real. That's like an insult to my own blog. You know what I mean? On top of that, I love this feeling. It feels good to get another chance with that one person you wish-you-had-the-chance-with-again-but-you-thought-you-didn't. As for now, this will be the smile I wear on my face everyday, insyaAllah. I hope that things go smoothly as I don't wanna ruin anything anymore(I think I've mentioned that loads of times before I should pretty much find another word for it). I will most definitely put all my will into making this worth giving, worth living, and worth everything. I am most very very thankful, alhamdulillah.

Chances that family, friends, loved ones give you, are just too precious to not handle with care. If any of you get an opportunity of this kind, cherish it. And to those that don't believe in it, believe in the real life. It brings you chances in all sorts of forms it could just come under your nose and you won't even notice. The next thing you know, you're happy. And that's what matters. :)

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