Por Favor, Amigo
Tuesday, May 31, 2011 ( 8:45 pm )

Hola amigos.
I'm home alone. AGAIN.
It's better at night, because then I can just fall asleep on my not so comfy bed and forget that no one's actually at home. There goes mum, off to do her NGO work. And here I am being "supportive", as always, and thinking about why I don't smile as much as I did before. I smiled alot when I was younger. I was pretty much a happy little girl who didn't seem to care about anything but Barbies and Fisher Price. :) Then again I was only little.

And yes amigos, I grew up and continued to smile like I don't care about the world. And I grew up some more.. and some more.. and some more.. and here I am. Talking to you about a piece of smile. And then BOOM. The Wisher has come out from the box. I WISH I still smile like how I smiled back then; during the time when girlfriends and boyfriends weren't worth worrying about, when people yelling about in the house were just music to my ears, etc.

Nevertheless, I did realise something.

Firstly, Kongsi sucks big time(no offense Farid Kamil). Secondly, I am happy, but I do feel like I'm being separated from the real life, and honeez, I ownz The Real Life(imagine Santana Lopez). What I mean is, I feel like someone is separating me from their life and putting me in a pretend one. Sob.

Thirdly, and most importantly, when I'm with my friends, I find that I am well capable of smiling again. They used to put the 'L' in 'Laughter', 'H' in 'Happy' and 'T' in 'Together'. And most importantly, they put the 'Best' in 'Friends'. No doubt that this post is preetty boring. But I just can't keep my fingers away from typing this. I miss all those moments where we celebrate each others birthday and make suprises for them in the school cafeteria. I miss all the "rombongan cik kiah" to Queensbay and mini rombongans to Perangin Mall, the buka puasa moments and the sleepovers, the borrowing of things and forgetting to return them and pretend to forget about the lending and borrowing, the open houses I'd have to gather all my friends, the gossips and stalking nights until 3 am or more, the crazy kodak moments and cadbury moments, and a whole load of other shizz. Man, I wonder what happened to that. Por favor amigo, relive those moments again? :)

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