I can hear it in your voice
Saturday, September 18, 2010 ( 11:13 am )

I can hear it in your voice.
It's shivering;
You're telling a white lie.
Then there's too much confidence in your voice;
You're telling a lie, convincing me to believe your sweet, shitty words.
Don't say things you don't mean, for you haven't a clue how much it can hurt another.
Don't be too sure of yourself, for you haven't a clue of what the future awaits.
No promises. PLEASE. And this goes out to everyone.

But this person.
You tell me things I'm scared to hear, for I do not know how true it is.
But somehow, I like it.
I can hear it in you're voice; it's sincerity.
I can see it in you're eyes; it's honesty.
I can feel it in the atmosphere; it's real.
You're real.
And you know who you are.

One door closes, another opens. My heart breaks, and it's back together again. Allah takes something great from you, He gives you something greater. How I am so thankful to be loved and blessed by Him.

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