Silence is golden
Wednesday, July 28, 2010 ( 7:01 pm )

Here I am lying on my bed feeling like the most helpless person in the world. My nose is like a machine gun, firing out mucus non stop(I know. It's disgusting :]). I've temporarily lost the ability to speak and sing and eat. I was shivering yesterday. But obviously now I'm not. If I still am, I wouldn't be writing this post now would I? Aha. I got you there.

Back to being helpless.
Hope you're all ears as I am about to fire away some complaints.

All I can do is nothing. Well, not really absolutely nothing. I just can't have much fun. Even if I planned on not having fun like finishing off tutorials and so on, I still couldn't do it because I'm like a dead mitochondria, no ATP, no cellular respiration, man. The only assignment I can work on(in this state) is my GIMP assignment and biosong assignment. Darn that biosong. I've always dreamt of being a song writer. Oh yes. Like Yuna, perhaps. But never have I dreamt of writing a song about Biology. I mean, that would be last on my list. I guess now it pushed itself and made its own way to the top. Hurray for it, boohoo for me. :(

So I suppose I should let the silence do the talking. And keep my voice all to myself. Like this short film :)

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