Expect the unexpected
Saturday, June 26, 2010 ( 9:40 pm )


Thursday night, thinking of nothing. Looking at Jesse St. James, my desktop background. And what exactly is nothing?

But wait. I sense motion. There are words floating inside my mind. And what words but the wise would speak without the mind? Living beyond the valley of boredom, AGAIN, I begin to think, and think, and think.

After days of hard work, I've finally found some time for me, and you ofcourse. And it will forever be here where I share with you what goes on inside the delightful piece of mind of mine.

Tis true, I feel lightness today. And that lightness brings closeness, and that means "okay"ness. :)

cheerful, not serious. E.g. light music.

This morning, I felt heaviness on my chest. Like a cat sleeping on it, not bothering to wake up(damn that cat). But towards the end of the day, despite feeling sleepy through out it, I begin to feel lightness, as if a beautiful white dove had came and flown away with my burden.

It's funny how you plan things, but they don't usually turn out the way you want it to. Well, expect the unexpected they say. Whether you've expected it or not, if it makes you happy, it makes you happy. And here comes another smile :) I'm doing better with my classmates. Being forced to work together as a whole brings out that togetherness and that just make things into a whole lot of fun and excitement. I've found a friend who I seem to be comfortable with, and that's another plus. This is where it all starts. And I don't even have to put my smiling mask on :)

Well enough of the jibber jabber. There are things that bother me from time to time. Not being able to sing my heart out to Bohemian Rhapsody simply feels like someone stranggling me. Having to face a certain someone every single day who reminds me much of a certain someone kills me too. It's like right through the heart, ya know?

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I became heartless, again.. It'd probably be like someone took my heart out while I was sleeping and burried it six feet under the cold ice of Antartica where the penguins freeze to death while waiting for their spouses to come back and bring back food for their expected child. Damn, that's cold. I'd probably be the most cold-hearted person in the world. Fascinating, dont you think?

Scratch that. I'm done here. I'm so sleepy I'd blog while sleeping. Now that would be even more fascinating! Ok. Off I go. Wish me luck for an interview I have tomorrow. And ooh, can't wait for Larian Kakom on Saturday. Pictos, a must! Alright. Goodnight and sleep tight dearest world.

Til then, zzz...


Waking up to the midst of cold air, with just the cold receptors doing their job, makes me shiver in the morning. Larian Kakom. Finally here. After some last minute work(as usual), the results: just about satisfying. Although today was abit to heavy for my alveoli, I guess it was worth the risk. Knowing that I made it back safely to KMPP, I shall give myself a pat on the back. One step taken, a lot more to go. So this is why we expect the unexpected.

Til then, think.

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