instead of counting sheep
Sunday, March 21, 2010 ( 12:46 am )

If I had to live alone, I'd survive with a juice box and a chocolate bar.
If I had to choose a better Edward Cullen than our current man the Robster, I'd choose Ed Westwick(Y).
If I had to cry watching something on the telly, I'd watch Fly Me To The Moon.
If I had to get a job, I'd get a job as a storyteller at the local library.
If I had to pack only one bag to go far far away, I'd pack my beloved family(and of course a few undergarments).
If I had to pick a pillow to hug to sleep, I'd pick Mun ♥.
I'm sleepy.
But my eyes are wide open.
I couldn't sleep.
But now I can.
I'm off to bed.
Goodnight, world.

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