I don't like this
Monday, March 08, 2010 ( 6:18 pm )

I noticed that I somehow don't serve the qualities of a perfect human being. And why is that so?

1. I watch a certain person in my life(pretty important. A member of somewhat important organization in my life) litter around town and spend a lot when only have little. And I do nothing about it.

2. Every now and then, I feel lazy. When there are things to do, I don't do it. And where is nothing to do at all, I whine.

3. I'm easily pissed off. When in this state, I become ignorant of others' feelings; sorry, sad, guilty etc. I am kinda cold when I want to be cold. And as a girl, jealousy of course is in a girl's nature. But, i think I'm slightly greater than normal. Yikes

There's a lot more to it. But I wouldn't want to waste time squeezing out the memory juice of my brain. It's got other things to worry about. I do realize that there are things that are beyond my control. And I do realize nothing was, is, or ever will be perfect. Perfection has always been a popular issue in my blog. And every time I feel insecure, or not good about myself, I bring it up. I never chose to be this way; weird, different, beyond average. But that's who I am. I can live with this fact. And when there is something good in my life, something quite normal, little things tend to ruin it.

GOOD THINGS; it's not always there. But when it's there for me, I plead, don't touch it. I assure you that there are greater things that awaits each and everyone of you. YOUR OWN GREAT THINGS.

Some may not understand. But that's not what is important. What is important? Respect.
Some might not realize the things they've touched that don't belong to them are a once in a lifetime chance. Or, was.

I'll squeeze more juice out of my brain when I have the time for it.
Til then.

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