Friday, March 26, 2010 ( 5:19 pm )

Salam 1 Malaysia.
(sorry. Just wanted to try that. LOL)

I just got off the phone with my friend. I made a video call to Wan and Pah because the rest of them were all there. Feels nice to get a glimpse of their happy faces eating at Friday's. I'd bet a million bucks that Ainaa would update her blog with pictures of just now. :P But it's not nice to gamble. Correct me if I'm wrong, Azharul Amir? *smiles sarcastically* :)

Thinking about friends makes me think about the memories I've had with them. In fact, most of my memories are made up of friends, friends and friends. Thinking about the memories makes me think back. Well I must say the more appropriate word here is flashback.

The spontaneous recurrence of visual hallucinations I've had sometimes confuses me with Deja Vu. Wait. Don't get clueless yet:
I had a flashback at a mamak stall when I was about to pour the curry onto my rice. Suddenly there were visual hallucinations being played inside my head as if my head were too an intersect like the one in Chuck(no not Chuck Bass. Chuck Bartowski)'s head. I saw a plate of rice falling into the big pot of curry. I wondered what that was. Normally, I'd imagine the worst things that could happen. So I assumed that it was just another 'being me' thing. I kept silent about it til someone brought up that I did that three years ago. Same stall. And all I could think of was, "Oh, no wonder the whole picture was inside my head. Whatever."

And then there were those days when I was still traumatized about the robbery in my own home. Every time I opened my bedroom door, I kept seeing those good-for-nothing men covering their mouth with shirts. One of them was holding a knife in one hand. I screamed the lungs out of me right when I saw those stupid and dumb strangers pointing that sharp thing at me.

About a week before that day, a Wednesday night to be more exact, I had a lonely dinner. I could care less about my phone sitting alone on my study table. Until I got a text from my best friend, Cean. A somewhat text that made me freak and get all excited. Forgive me. I need to laugh. Hahahaha. I called her straight away to talk about it. So it was about a boy(yes, I'm a girl and girls sometimes get excited over boys), and bla bla bla bla the story goes on. Then I called Shazana and Elina and they were all excited too because they knew I needed some light to be shown on me again. I think. You know, girls. Later on that night, I received a goodnight text from him. My Red fm late night love songs routine suddenly fitted the situation perfectly. Went to school the next morning and told everyone about him. I don't know why I find his goofy-ness charming. I mean, have you ever heard him laugh? LMAO. Well I'll go ahead and tell you this: Who would of thought that I'd end up with him. :)

I personally think flashback is a good exercise for the mind and memory. Why don't you try it sometime?

Til then. Keep smiling :)

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