Let's put a smile on my face
Tuesday, December 22, 2009 ( 2:03 pm )

You see, this is why it is so hard to make me smile. Because I'll always be missing tons of human beings on this planet. Having friends here and there is quite difficult to talk to each and everyone of them every single day to keep the bonds stronger. Why is this so? It's simple. There's only one Sya. And that's me. Gladly, there's all sorts of social network sites. Thank you Facebook, and Myspace. Thank you Twitter for letting me talk to the whole wide world at once. But this isn't what I really want to talk about. I just want whoever is reading this now, to know that I am really happy and glad to see them all again. I can't really stop smiling. My cheek muscles are hurting now. Ok, I should stop. No wait. I don't want to.

Take 5 minutes to smile everday. Eventually, you'll get the hang of it.


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