Saturday, September 12, 2009 ( 6:08 am )

I need a time out. BADLY. That "under pressure" song is playing inside my head. Pfft. Ehh cakap pasal time out ni, I feel like eating time out chocolate! Ibu's favourite. She always needs a time out anyways. Ohh and I feel like eating maltiesers too. But cadbury's fruits and nuts is still on top of the list. Mmm..chocolate..yesss :)

Ohh. And look Shazana! Look what I've found!

This was last year. Can't remember when. But I'm sure of one thing. It's when time was on our side. It's when I couldn't stop playing Roiworld(it's a site for Korean dressup games.haha.addictive). It's when all things were "wohoo!" and "wehoo!". But now, it's all just.. "huhu" and "buhuhu". Thanks a lot SPM. But no matter. This is what makes life juicy! Ye tak?

And the war isn't over yet.

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