with Me, Myself and I
Monday, June 29, 2009 ( 6:54 pm )

Just so you know, I haven't gone lunatic, so please do not call the authorities. Gracias

Me : Hi, Sya! How's life treating you so far?
Myself : Oh jolly good jolly good. How about you, Sya?
I : Funny you asked. Things couldn't get more interesting. Seriously.
Me : Are you being sarcastic?
I : Indeed I am.
Myself : Lemme guess, somewhere along the journey of your life, you felt invisible(Not easily noticed or detected; inconspicuous).
Me : ..because of the ignorance of that particular person.
I : That is sooo right.
Myself : If only *It knew how hurt and small we feel.
Me : If only *It knew how patient we've been all this while.
I : If only *It realized what *It has done..
Me, Myself and I : How pathetic are we? Wait. No no, *It is pathetic.

*It may refer to any form of selfish jackass. :)


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