Thursday, June 18, 2009 ( 6:15 pm )

Most used phrase : SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE.
Most used words : Dush and Wuss
(I got that from Friends. Teehee)

Im sorry. Bad intro.

Yesterday, as I was walking out of school, this plate number of a car caught my eye. It was a blue proton satria. It was the exact car my family used to own when we were in Setiawangsa. I think it stayed with us the longest. But unfortunately it got sick and Ibu decided to sell it, so some dude in Penang owns it now. In my head I thought, "eh, is kak yaya here to pick me up?". But no no no, its not my car anymore. I actually felt like crying. But I just had to resist those tears so that my friends won't notice. Ya know.. Looking at that car brings back all sorts of memories. Good and bad. SIGH. It's just a small car. But we all loved it. It went everywhere! It really did ;)

I tried looking for a photo of it in my computer, sadly I can't share it with you 'cause I couldn't find anything. But instead, I found this:

*That's me bakin' a cake :D


I doubt you can spot me. I really miss those times. I definitely won't ever forget. As a matter of fact, that year was one heck of a year!

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I went to this TransAir talk. It's more like a 'if you wanna be a pilot then listen up to this' kind of talk. I don't really want to be a pilot, or a flight attendant or whatsoever, I just didn't want to go to PJ class. :D Did you know, if you're fit to be a pilot but you wear gigi palsu then you can't fly the plane? And who knows if you become a flight attendant, you actually get to marry an Agung! :P

Well, I just really wanted to share about the car. Ok that is all. Toodles

*oh yeah, all the best to SGGS Band tomorrow! Goodluck Atik ;) Oh plus, I hope Abg Hakim will come to Penang when he comes back!

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