Another Betrayal
Monday, June 01, 2009 ( 5:09 pm )

Upset. Angry. Betrayed.
That is what we feel when SOMEONE betrays us SOMEHOW. We'll certainly feel shittier when a certain FRIEND(alaa, you know that person you trust the most? Yeah, that one) betrays us in a certain MANNER that is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE.

Everyone gets tired of it. That includes me. Having a friend, who happens to betrayed you once already, betrayed you again. So what the heck is that second chance for? Do you, yes you right there, have any idea how unlucky this "friend" of mine is? She-who-must-not-be-named is an unshameful, reckless and self-centred, rich-pampered, good-for-nothing, pretty and has it all child(resisting to say B****). I have no clue whatsoever on what I've done SO WRONG to deserve this. It pretty much breaks my heart to receive that kind of treatment from a person who I certainly trusted and do all sorts of stuff with. I guess I have made the wrong move. What do you think?

To those or even you who've felt this kind of feeling, never let it get to you, just let it go. You are absolutely better off with that kind of friend.
To those or even you who've betrayed a friend and have thought about nothing but hot hunks(that is, if you are a girl of course. Just turn it the other way round!), looks, cash and yourself, then I beg you, atleast have the courtesy to DO THE RIGHT THING.
And to those or even you who've experience neither, then be careful with your friends, be careful with yourself and have a good life.

Ya know, I am not Dumbo. Dumbo is an elephant. I'm definitely not an elephant. I'm mature enough to tell which of my friends are really a friend and which aren't. Don't ever underestimate me, and don't ever take me for granted. I'm just a teenage girl with feelings, and these feelings can take me over. And it can do the same to you.

*I'll end this post with a heart broken by a friend. Til we meet again.

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