what leads to a smile
Sunday, April 26, 2009 ( 11:28 am )

Make me smile #1:
Abg Hakim smsed me the other day saying he wanted roti canai. Well, here you go dear brother. Eat up!


Make me smile #2:
Kak Yaya sent me a voice sms, singing my favourite song, which is Hard To Say I'm Sorry; a cover by Az Yet.

Make me smile #3:
Bapak was on Astro Awani again the other day. Terubat lah sikit rindu tu

Make me smile #4:
Ibu and Aunty Zarina came to my school's food fair yesterday. First thing I said to both of them was, "long time no see". LOL

Make me smile #5:
Anas came too. Yeay. Oh. And I made him a genuine ais kacang! Hee. Lama tak jumpa kan?

So Sya, are you sad or are you happy?
I am DEFINITELY happy.

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