I'm Just A Child
Tuesday, April 14, 2009 ( 4:40 pm )

I miss Bapak. Amazing man, he is.

We never shared much. The girls are more like Ibu. Hmm. But I do like spending time with him, because it's so limited. It's like, David A comin to town, visiting your school. Don't get that every day eyy? Speaking of David A, I just have to say the apple green baju melayu he wore at the conference last week looked good on him. Lalala :)

We'd go to the bookstore and of course, get a book lah. What else is there to do at a bookstore? But of course, I'd only get a couple of books and he'd get bags of them! Amazing indeed. But whatever. He loves it. And I love it when I don't have to pay for them. Lalala :) We'd go to MPH Bookstore; usually the one at MidValley. Or Kinokuniya; that is whenever we go to KLCC. But we haven't been to Borders yet. Individually, yes. But together, not yet. Perhaps someday we will. Maybe when we pay a visit to the Curve. But I don't think the Curve is such a place for us. Oh well.
Bapak likes to take us out to drink. No matter what time it is. That is, whenever he doesn't have to write out a speech or script or mark papers or assignments. Or too tired.

Ohh, how lucky you are. How's your father?

I'm just a child who misses her father.

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