Thecloud will do no harm
Friday, April 10, 2009 ( 9:29 pm )

Sakit kepala.
It felt like a gun shot right through my head.
NOTE TO SELF: Please get yourself enough rest.

I am so bloody tired today. Plus, my mood is a mess. Well, WAS. Until..
I recieved a text message from Kak Yaya again today.
This is a forwarded mesg frm my friend bt im sending it2u because it mks me think of u whn i read it :)
"Dear God, dis lady reading dis sms is beautiful, classy n strong n i love her. Help her live her life to d fullest, promote her when she needs u d most n let her know tat when she walks with u she will always be safe. I LOVE U, sister!"

You made me smile on my cloudy day. Thanks a bunch sistah :)

I have school tomorrow. This sucks. Ya know why? BECAUSE IT'S ON A SATURDAY!!
Well, whatever. A miracle had already happened anyway. Ibu said, "tak payah pegi lah". Hip hip hooray! Plus, she felt like eating pizza so we ordered domino's. Again, hip hip hooray! So, I'll shall go and wait for my beef pepperoni pizza with extra cheese(drool) and end this post with a big fat smile until you can take a good look at my braces. Til then. Toodles

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