what a friend!
Thursday, March 19, 2009 ( 11:10 am )

Never has it ever crossed my mind that such a friend would use a friend for his/her own importance. Such betrayal is probably felt by the used friend. Don't you think? Or am I wrong? But, how could I possibly??

It is indeed pathetic to take a person for granted, a friend especially. It is an absolute disgrace to be selfish at times like these, at times your friend is in an unstable condition, worrying about a heck lot of things, in a most difficult situation you probably have never experienced(I recommend you lot out there to be most thankful you're not in it). Sure, you'll get your benefits. But I assure you it doesn't benefit the used, the one taken for granted. It hurts. It DEFINITELY hurts.

Certain people just seem to want more and more and more, even once they've been given as much as they could have. But couldn't a little appreciation do the job? Couldn't just a little give satisfaction? Has it not ever crossed your mind to think of others for once?

Who's to blame? The chances have been given. Us humans just don't know when to take them sometimes. Us humans just want them when they've not been given. But then again, we are JUST humans. We are NOT perfect. We DO get carried away by the lust of life. Unfortunately, fact is that we are not forever.

I am ending this post, with nothing but anger.

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