Telatah seorang kakak
Saturday, March 28, 2009 ( 12:27 am )

Hey I'm posting twice tonight! Anas dah lentok. So blogger bare with me here. LOL.

Later that evening
Chemistry Tuition.
Status and mood: Sleepy

As I was ABOUT to doze off, this woke me up.
"(incoming call) Kak Yaya"
Ofcourse, I didn't answer, since I was having my tuition class.

*via text message*
Me: What's up? Have 2tion now.
Kak Yaya: Nak maggie..

Awwhh. You poor thing, sistah. ;)

Ok. DEFINITELY going to bed now. Goodnight world :]
p/s: Don't forget to switch the lights off at 8.30pm tomorrow! And no candles too! As they let out some creepy type of gas(overexaggerating). Hang on tight!

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