Telatah rakyat jelata
Friday, March 27, 2009 ( 11:13 pm )

Two periods after recess = two periods before school ends = two periods of sejarah with Pn. Illhiana = 80 minutes of POP QUIZZIES!

Ahh, a sejarah pop quiz. Brilliant. Just what I need after eating I don't know how many pieces of nuggets with thai chilli sauce. :) Every single rakyat jelata of 5 Nilam had to stand up and was only allowed seated when the rakyat jelata has answered a question correctly. And so one of this rakyat jelata of 5 Nilam who happens to be a good friend of mine answered logically to Pn. Ihlliana's question.

Teacher: Bagaimanakah hendak membezakan bangsa di Eropah?
Friend : Warna Kulit!

ERKK! Wrong.
Aduhaii. hahaha

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