listen up yaw
Sunday, March 22, 2009 ( 10:17 am )

HAH! Yes! I have finally found a way to own a polaroid camera. The Big One called last night and I asked him whether they sell polaroid cams in Korea. Then I asked him to check out the price so I can save up to own the one I've craved so longggg :] It's so darn difficult to find one in Malaysia. *sweat

I had add maths tuition with Mr.Tan yesterday. He shared with us a little info, so I thought, why not I share it with you lot as well?

So this is what he said:

In a few more thousand million trillion years to come, studies said that we will have heads like these:

eyes like this little fellow:

arms extending in length like Sonic here:

..and we become shorter:

Overall, we'd look somethin like this:

Fascinating eyy?

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