Sunday, March 15, 2009 ( 2:31 pm )

When everything goes wrong, you doodle.
When everything gets boring, you doodle.
When you don't understand crap, you doodle.
When you have time, you doodle.
You doodle this. You doodle that.

No, I'm not madly in love with myself, YET. LOL. I have been doodling to fill in spare time because I am missing a lot of people and can't meet the lot of people I miss. I have to sit at home. I can't go back "home". It surely sucks not being able to see someone you've waited to see for such a long long long time. It sucks getting excited for nothing. It sucks watching others get excited and get what they want. It sucks being used for others excitement. It sucks when everyone is everywhere and you're just you and you alone.
Man, a lot of stuff suck.

Hear me out: I wish to own a strength I've never own. A strength to help me move and fight for me and me alone. I wish to own all the patience in the world. I wish to hold the will of crying and show how brave I can be. But I dare not greed. I am no hypocrite. I am unperfect. Dear God, what must I do?

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